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01/01/14 Horizon celebrate their 6th birthday!


02/01/13 Even more orders
Significant orders for new platforms placed with JLG, Nifty & Genie

02/04/13 Opening of North West Depot
North West depot opens in Warrington, fleet of 130 platforms along with IPAF Training facilities

01/05/13 Horizon Spray Booth
Spray booth installed at Wakefield as part of MEWP refurbishment

01/09/13 New Vehicles
Horizon add an additional 2 brand new 32 tonne coach built delivery vehicles

20/09/13 Highly rated
Our customers again rate the Horizon team full marks for service in our annual satisfaction survey

31/12/13 Another great year
Horizon end another great year with a fleet of 480 machines


15/01/12 IPAF PAL Plus
Horizon become an IPAF PAL Plus Training provider

28/01/12 Another order
A further 50 Platforms are ordered from JLG and Niftylift

21/05/12 St Helens location
Satellite location opened in St Helens

31/12/12 The fleet grows again
The fleet grows to 370 machines


18/01/11 ​​Another JLG order
Horizon’s equipment supplier JLG receives an order for a further 70 units as part of the 2011 growth strategy.

01/02/11 ​​Finance Director Appointed
Lindsay Tarrant joins the board as FD.

20/01/11​​ More office space required
The construction of two large offices are completed to accommodate both the accounts and sales & marketing teams

31/08/11 ​​ISO Accreditations
Following months of preparation and a gruelling 3 day audit process, Horizon is awarded the ISO 9001, 14001 and the OH SAS 18001 accreditations.

31/12/11​​ Year 4 Complete
Another great year. Fleet size now – 320.


27/01/10 The Access Alliance is born
Horizon plays a large part in the formation of the powered access supply chain network now known as The Access Alliance. This allows Horizon to confidently supply it’s customers on a national scale.

01/03/10 £1M Order for JLG
Significant growth is planned for this year and Horizon commits to JLG for the large part of the fleet expansion

26/06/10 Horizon on the Move
Horizon moves to it’s new 17,000 sqft training and rental facility

31/12/10 Year 3 Complete
A year of significant growth sees the fleet size increase to 215


​14/04/09 IPAF Rental +
Just 14 months in and Horizon are awarded the prestigious Access Industry Quality Assurance Award – IPAF Rental +

22/05/09 IPAF Training now Available
Following successful completion of the rigorous audit process, Horizon becomes an IPAF Training Centre

21/09/09 Rory joins the Team
Rory Duggan joins the business as Joint Managing Director with responsibility for heading up Sales and Marketing

31/12/09 Year 2 Complete
125 machines now in fleet and another very successful year, especially considering the tough economic conditions


02/01/08 Up & Running
Horizon opens its doors for the first time owning just 12 battery scissor lifts and delivering them on two Land Rovers and trailers

26/08/08 100 Machines!
Thanks to the high demand for the Horizon service, the fleet size hit 100 – 12 months earlier than planned!!

20/09/08 Floods hit
Heavy rainfall left the Horizon depot with 10 inches of water stood right throughout the warehouse. Thankfully, no long term damage was caused

01/10/08 The financial crisis hit
Building sites throughout the region were closed down as banks pulled funding lines. Horizon suffered a 40% drop in levels of utilisation throughout the 4th quarter.

31/12/08 First year complete
102 machines in the fleet, in profit and already building a solid reputation

"Horizon's reputation means everything to us"

"Being known as the greatest supplier of Powered Access, being known as the greatest employer in the industry and being respected by the communities local to our business units is what we have set out to achieve since 2008".

Ben Hirst

"This dedication to providing the best interpersonal experience is backed up by employing a policy of buying and therefore supplying, only the very best Powered Access Equipment. To be known as the best, we must supply the best. We therefore only ever buy brand new equipment from the finest manufacturers and then, maintain it to the highest of standards. Corners are never cut at Horizon".

Ben Hirst

"To help ensure that our own aims and desires stay deep rooted throughout the business we have created a set of Core Values. These not only send out a message to all who may come into contact with Horizon, setting their expectations as to how they will be treated, but they also act as a bench mark to appraise ourselves. This is something we now do annually to guarantee our culture remains unchanged as we grow".

Rory Duggan

"Effort is made on a daily basis to find people who enjoy being part of an inspired team and who consistently strive to better the experience they offer to our customers, suppliers and stakeholders when interacting with them. Horizon is built upon quality relationships, by treating people how we wish to be treated ourselves".

Rory Duggan



At Horizon, we believe that business is built on good relationships, and good relationships depend on appropriate responses. Whether you are a customer or a supplier, an advisor, regulator or a member of staff, you will find that the Horizon team aim to respond quickly, courteously and appropriately both externally – to our business partners – and internally, to each other. This makes Horizon a good company to deal with and a great place to work.


We understand the importance of deadlines. Our staff team is dedicated to planning and organizing what we do to help our business partners meet their objectives.

At Horizon we aim to deliver on time, every time and to provide our business partners with complete confidence before starting work.


We strive to ensure that everything we do is driven by quality. We match quality staff with quality equipment to provide a quality service, which is ISO 9001 accredited and gives our customers a quality experience when dealing with Horizon.


We take pride in our equipment, our staff, and our service and we aim to keep each one in excellent condition. Our maintenance programme, staff training and performance monitoring audits are all designed to ensure that our equipment is delivered in good working order and, on the rare occasions when something does go wrong, our qualified team can act quickly, efficiently and competently to put things right.


At Horizon, we believe that safety is of paramount importance. We have established policies and procedures which have helped us to meet the standards required for ISO18001 accreditation. Our business practices are audited regularly to ensure that we comply both with our own policies and procedures and all relevant safety regulations. All of this helps us to maintain our excellent safety record and to minimize risks to our customers and staff.


We work hard at Horizon to maintain open honest relationships with our business partners. Admittedly, that sometimes makes for difficult conversations, but we believe it is better to work through challenges so that together we become stronger and more able to deal with the future.


Like many, we are conscious of our effect on the environment and strive to minimize our environmental impact. To that end, we have established a number of ISO 14001 accredited policies and procedures which are regularly monitored and audited. But sustainability is not just about the environment. The Horizon brand has been established with tomorrow in mind; we aim to be here for many years to come, so we strive to ensure that our company and relationships with our business partners are sustainable and are not dependent upon any particular individual, or group.