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How to find the Access Platform thats right for your job

Determining your Working Height

Machines are categorised by their maximum working height, this being 6ft (1.82m) above the actual platform height. Bare in mind however that if you need any outreach then the working height will reduce the further away from the machine you manoeuvre. Please view our range of boom lift type platforms where the diagrams offer an example of this.

Selecting a Platform Type

The detail below will help you determine the most suitable type of access platform for your working environment and the task in hand:
  • Scissor Lifts - offer a large working area and are therefore ideal to lift any tools and materials to carry out the necessary work at height(subject to the stated Safe Working Load). The draw back however is that they only elevate to a position directly above the base of the machine and therefore do not offer any outreach (apart from a small extension to the deck itself). Scissor Lifts are fully self propelled which means they can be driven whilst elevated.
  • Boom Lifts (aka Cherry Pickers) - offer up and over outreach and come in two forms, articulated and straight stick. Both types have a relatively low safe working load and a relatively small working area compared to a scissor type platform. N.B. It is strongly recommended that you wear a full body Safety Harness whilst operation this type of platform - see our Accessories Page for further details.
A 'straight stick' Boom Lift offers direct outreach from the base of the machine throughout an approximate 0 to 90 degree angle. An 'articulated' Boom Lift offers more of an up and over out reach and is perfect for access over a roof space when the machine's base can only be situated directly next to the building. The difference between the two types of Boom Lift is demonstrated perfectly by comparing our 60DB and 60SB models. Boom Lifts are fully self propelled which means they can be driven whilst elevated.
  • Personnel Lifts - Similar to Scissor Lifts, this type of platform elevates only in and up and down direction and thus offers little or no outreach. This time however the platform only has the capacity for one person. This type of equipment is designed to be used for short term maintenance work or any work in relatively confined spaces. Personnel lifts are fully self-propelled and therefore drive at full height.
  • Road Towable Lifts - Horizon offer both Scissor and Boom versions of this type of equipment. The main considerations to be made are that that they cannot be manoeuvred whilst elevated as they rely on stabilisers as opposed to ballast, but they can be moved economically from site to site without the reliance upon specialist transportation.
  • Track Mounted Booms - are similar to the Boom type Road Towable Platforms, in that they are light weight and cannot be manoeuvred whist elevated. However this type of equipment has the advantage of being propelled by a set of 'caterpillar' type tracks and thus can travel over almost any terrain. There an non-marking versions of these tracks, so indoor use is also an option. N.B. It is strongly recommended that you wear a full body Safety Harness whilst operation this type of platform- see our Accessories Page for further details.
  • Push Around Platforms - have quickly become a safer alternative to the use step ladders. This lightweight, narrow width machine offers working heights up to 17ft (5.2m).

Selecting Power/Drive Options

There are three main types of Power/Drive option. Your choice is dependant upon the environment you are working in. Each are described below:
  • Diesel Driven / Rough Terrain - this engine driven equipment is generally for outdoor use. They are always provided with a full tank of diesel, but for longer tern hires it is worth considering your necessary supply of red or white diesel. Although 'All Wheel Drive' versions of this product type are available, it is always worth considering that most types of access equipment are very heavy and can easily become bogged down in soft ground.
  • Electric / Battery - this equipment tends to be for indoor use and will require recharging daily (please see our Accessories Page - Horizon sell the necessary Transformers and Extension Leads). Apart from the Road Towable and Track Mounted product type the equipment will need to be used on level ground.
  • Bi-Energy - this equipment is as per the Electric / Battery description but has the added advantage of carrying a generator on board to re-charge the batteries without the need to plug the machine into a charging point.
  • Bi-Fuel - this equipment has the advantage of having two completely separate power souces, one being a diesel engine, the other being a battery pack. The equipment is for both indoor and outdoor use but tends not to have rough terrain capabilities.