PASMA training courses are designed for those who work with mobile access towers. The PASMA training course ensures that safety, standards and best practices are performed across a wide range of sectors when using lifting platforms and scaffolding towers in the UK.

Horizon Platforms is a PASMA-approved training member, having successfully passed an audit to deliver PASMA-accredited training. We offer advanced PASMA training at our ISO-accredited facility in Wakefield or we can deliver any of our courses at a site that is more convenient for you.

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PASMA Towers for Users

PASMA: Towers for Users

Online theory (4 hour course) and practical at a Horizon depot.

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View our popular PASMA training courses below. 

IPAF 3a 3b

3a/3b: Combined Course

Online Theory (4 hour course) and practical at our depot for 3a/3b categories.

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IPAF Safety Harness

Safety Harness: Use & Inspection

Training and certification for the safe use and inspection of harnesses. Half day at a Horizon depot.

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IPAF MEWPS for Managers

Online (E-learning) MEWPS for Managers Course

Access and certification for the MEWPS for Managers (E-learning) course.

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IPAF Site Assessment Training Course

Online (E-learning) Site Assessment Training Course

The course guides candidates through the process of determining the optimum MEWP for a given task.

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What Is PASMA Training?

PASMA, which stands for Prefabricated Access Suppliers and Manufacturers Association, is the authority for mobile access towers.

PASMA training is designed specifically to teach the safe assembly, movement, and disassembly of mobile access towers used when completing work at height. That’s in comparison to IPAF training, which is dedicated to coaching staff who work with powered access platforms.

PASMA training can also be undertaken by those looking to learn the necessary knowledge to inspect mobile access towers as part of safety regulations. Essentially, any employee who is looking to operate on, manoeuvre or carry out an inspection on the towers will need to take a PASMA training course. 

Read our Ultimate guide to Access Platform Training for more information.

Is PASMA Training a Legal Requirement?

If you work in a workplace which uses mobile access towers, PASMA training is required by law under the Work at Height Regulations 2005. As such, staff will need to be trained before they interact with any equipment. 

Being aware of the necessary safety precautions is an essential part of the training, as is accident prevention, which will greatly reduce the risk of injury when operating the equipment. 

For more advice on PASMA Training, read our access platform FAQs. 


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