IPAF & PASMA Combined 1-Day Course

For both IPAF training and PASMA qualifications, we offer single-day courses. The IPAF training covers the 3a & 3b categories, and PASMA, Towers for Users. 

The training for both courses includes an online theory test which will take four hours for each qualification and a practical test at our depot.

By undertaking this combined course, you’re able to save time on your training and take the fast track to certification. This will allow you to begin work with powered access platforms and mobile elevating towers as soon as you pass.


Using our easy e-learning options, your delegates can complete the theory modules of both courses at their leisure before coming in to complete both practical elements on the same day. 

We have taken every precaution to ensure that we can deliver your IPAF and PASMA training in the safest way possible, designed with risk-assessed processes and safe systems of work to set your mind at ease. From our Super-Depot in Normanton, we offer world-class facilities and training with a 96% pass-rate.

What is the Price for the IPAF & PASMA Combined 1-Day Course?

Price per delegate starts at £298.00 + VAT.


With our combined course, candidates will be certified to work efficiently and safely with a range of equipment.

  • 1 full day split between: 
    • IPAF 3a & 3b Categories
    • PASMA Towers for Users


Choose from one of the following options:

  • E-learning Theory & Onsite Practical: self-paced learning & practical at the Horizon Training Centre.
  • Classroom: Full day at Horizon Platforms.

What are the Safety Requirements? 

To prevent accidents and ensure the safety of everyone on the course, we ask that candidates bring and wear the following:

  • Safety footwear
  • Hard hat
  • Hi-vis vest/T-shirt/sweatshirt
IPAF 3a 3b & PASMA

IPAF & PASMA Combined 1 Day Course

Online Theory (4 hour course per qualification) and practical at our depot for 3a/3b categories AM and PASMA Towers for Users PM.

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What Does the IPAF & PASMA Combined Course Cover?

This combined course will cover aspects of both IPAF and PASMA training in a single day, with the modules for each being split into theory and practical segments. 

Whilst there are many different IPAF and PASMA courses available, this combined course focuses on the following: 

IPAF 3a & 3b

The IPAF 3a training course is focused on teaching the candidate how to operate powered vertical lifting platforms such as scissor lifts. The IPAF 3b course, however, covers the use of telescopic or articulated MEWPs. This means that by learning both modules, you’re able to gain a broad understanding of what’s required to operate different types of access platforms.

Training spans legislation, regulations, standards, and best practice. Candidates then study MEWP categories and structures, pre-use requirements, safe operating methods, hazard observation, and practical training.

PASMA Towers

The PASMA Towers training course will teach operators how to safely operate mobile access towers and adhere to the necessary safety regulations. Specifics of the course include how to safely assemble, dismantle, adjust and manoeuvre mobile access towers; their safe use; inspection; hazard identification; and relevant legislation, regulations and best practice.

Upon completion of this module of the course, you’ll receive a PASMA card and certificate.

Read our Ultimate guide to Access Platform Training for more information.

Looking for more advice on IPAF Training, read our access platform FAQs. 

IPAF 3a 3b & PASMA

IPAF & PASMA Combined 1 Day Course

Online Theory (4 hour course per qualification) and practical at our depot for 3a/3b categories AM and PASMA Towers for Users PM.

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Target Group:

Any person(s) who requires the ability and qualification to operate both 3a & 3b category machines as well as achieve PASMA - Towers for Users certification. These include any mobile scissors, mobile booms (cherry picker) and any mobile tower use and inspection. Duration 2 Days (including E-learning)