The Horizon Commitments

Horizon have spent significant time and resources in order to understand our customers better. That way, we can ensure we're providing maximum value and are focusing on things clients care about the most.

The research conducted was insightful, and from this the Horizon Commitments were born.  Eight service level promises that we make about how we deliver our service, and how we will provide better solutions for customers. Each one addresses an aspect of dealing with Horizon, defines what can be expected, and clearly demonstrates what's important to our company and our team.

Adrian Bleasdale, our CEO says "The commitments challenge us, and help us continually tailor our service around what is most vital: the things that make customers the happiest."

#1 Order The Way You Want

If you like to call us, we’re here and will answer your call within 15 seconds. If you want to go order online, that’s absolutely fine. You can email us, or simply use our website to get a quote and order your ideal platform right there and then. Either way, you’ll have your order confirmation within 15 minutes.

#2 Same Day/Next Day Delivery

In many cases, speed is all-important. We deliver, and deliver fast. If you are tight for time, we will pull out all the stops to get it there for you, and have countless testimonials where we have done just that for customers. Next-day? Sure. Same-day? We’ve delivered within 4 hours on core products. When it comes to responsiveness we will never disappoint you.

#3 We'll Be There As Promised

We keep our word and meet our obligation to deliver when we say we will. Things happen on the roads that we can’t always control, but our track record in this area is almost perfect. Most importantly, if something does happen, we won’t wait for you to call us. Our team is targeted to reach you first, and we'll credit your delivery charge if we don't.

#4 Your Peace of Mind Is Our Priority

We are a proper business that you can trust and rely on. A company that does things the right way, and protects you and your reputation. We believe in the importance of health and safety, compliance and in practically demonstrating this in more than words. Horizon holds the best accreditations in the business. Not all powered access suppliers can say that.

#5 No Hold Ups. Just Help When You Need It

Commitment #5 is concerned with your peace of mind, and illustrating that, should something go wrong, you won’t be waiting around forever for it to be sorted. We know that time is literally money for our customers, and we know how important a fast response is. That means you’ll have an engineer on the phone within 15 minutes, and if necessary, onsite within 3 hours.

#6 Quality Platforms Always

We are committed to raising standards in our industry, and making sure customers are always delighted by the machines they receive from Horizon. We work to a programme of rigorous checks and hygiene treatments, and have high quality standards established across our partner network. Bottom line. If you don’t like what you see, we’ll exchange it.

#7 You Can Account On Us To Make It Right

We pride ourselves on being as easy to deal with as possible. Invoice queries happen, and while we’re focused on minimising this, we want our customers to be reassured this will never drag on forever. We pledge all invoice queries will be resolved within 4 working days of you raising it. You also have the option to check invoices through our online customer portal, HireHub.

#8 Out Of Hours Support As Standard

Finally, Commitment #8 is a promise that if you pick up the phone to us, we will always answer, even in the middle of the night or the weekend. Our customers work all hours, and waiting until the morning to call sometimes won’t do. This isn’t common in the hire industry, but we want you to know that if you need us, we’ll be there. Simple.

So there you have it. These are our pledges to you. Work with us, and this is the kind of service you can expect. We’re being clear about it, and have set up internal processes to test performance against all 8, to make sure we always follow through. 

Our MD Ben goes onto say, “Putting in place the infrastructure for the Commitments isn’t easy but is absolutely the right thing for us to do. Customers want clarity, reassurance and peace of mind, and our whole organisation is focused on delivering just that.”

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