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At Horizon Platforms we offer a wide range of lifting equipment fit for your warehouse jobs. From small scissor lifts to indoor articulated boom lifts, our warehouse access platforms are ideal for completing tasks in small spaces.

Offering a wide range of MEWPS; including warehouse specific scissor lifts and cherry pickers, we can meet the needs of factories, warehouses and distribution companies. If you're working indoors in a narrow aisle, completing a stocktake or selecting products for distribution, we've got the right equipment suitable for your projects. 

Our warehouse lifting equipment and access platforms are a great choice for a wide range of fulfillment jobs; for those harder-to-reach places, a boom lift will enable you to work at height both safely and comfortably. With platform heights ranging from 5m to over 20m, there are few places our aerial work platforms can't reach, and with our nationwide network of close partners, that's true geographically as well as vertically.


5 Things to Consider When Choosing Warehouse Scissor Lifts & Cherry Pickers

  1. Are operators properly IPAF trained and have the correct licence?

  2. Does the application require you to lift vertically or to reach at an angle, perhaps to gain access over an obstacle?

  3. Will you be working indoors, outside or both?

  4. Will you be working on smooth, flat surfaces or uneven ground?

  5. Put safety first, always. At Horizon Platforms, we believe that safe work at height is of paramount importance. We have established policies and procedures which have helped us to meet the standards required for OHSAS 18001 accreditation. Our business practices are audited regularly to ensure that we comply both with our own policies and procedures and all relevant safety regulations. All of this helps us to maintain our excellent safety record and to minimize risks to our customers and staff.

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