Access Platforms For Warehousing

At Horizon Platforms we offer a wide range of powered access platforms for warehouse jobs and other indoor requirements. From small scissor lifts to indoor articulated boom lifts, our warehouse access platforms are ideal for completing tasks in small spaces.

Warehousing & Indoor Platform Solutions

Our wide range of MEWPs includes warehouse-appropriate scissor lifts and cherry pickers, chosen to become part of our fleet in order to meet the needs of factories, warehouses and distribution companies. If you're working indoors in a narrow aisle, completing a stocktake or selecting products for distribution, we've got the right work-at-height equipment suitable for your projects. 

Our warehouse lifting equipment and access platforms are a great choice for a wide range of fulfilment jobs; for those harder-to-reach places, a boom lift will enable you to work at height both safely and comfortably. With platform heights ranging from 5m to over 20m, there are few places our aerial work platforms can't reach, and with our nationwide network of trusted partners, that's true geographically as well as vertically.

4 Things to Consider When Choosing An Access Platform For Warehousing Requirements

Before hiring an access platform, you’ll need to make sure that you have assessed the environment you’ll be working in and meet the training requirements for operators. Make sure to ask yourself these questions before making your choice.

Are operators properly IPAF trained and do they have the correct licence?

To operate a powered access platform, you must have completed an IPAF training course to ensure you’re able to safely operate the machinery. It’s important that this training is completed prior to you hiring a MEWP, so that you have a qualified operator who can drive the machine onsite.

Does the application require you to lift vertically or navigate obstacles?

When assessing the warehousing environment, it’s key to know exactly what the requirements are for the job. This includes the height and angle you’ll be required to reach whilst using the MEWP. Identifying this will allow you to select the right access platform for the job.

If you’re simply required to lift vertically, a scissor lift will be a suitable choice as they move directly up and down. However, if you are required to navigate obstacles and reach over objects, an articulating boom lift will be more suitable as the boom allows you to reach different angles.

Will you be working indoors?

When choosing a MEWP for indoor use, there are a few factors you will need to take into account, such as power source. A MEWP will need to be battery-powered for indoor use as petrol or diesel options won’t be appropriate for use indoors.

If the floor you’re operating the MEWP on can’t be marked, it’s important to select a MEWP with non-marking tyres, to ensure no lasting marks are left.

Will you be working on flat ground?

If you’re operating a MEWP in a warehouse, it’s likely that the ground will be flat and safe for operation. However, it’s important to carry out a risk assessment and ensure that it is a safe environment for a MEWP.

Working At Height Safely

At Horizon Platforms, we believe that safe work at height is of paramount importance and that safety should always come first. We have established policies and procedures which have helped us to meet the standards required for ISO 45001 accreditation

Our business practices are audited regularly to ensure that we comply both with our own policies and procedures and all relevant safety regulations. All of this helps us to maintain our excellent safety record and to minimise risks to our customers and staff.

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