Finance and Leasing Options - Horizon Platforms and DLL

Horizon Platforms has partnered with DLL, a global provider of leasing and financing solutions whose industry experts have extensive knowledge of the aerial work platform market. Together with DLL, we can offer bespoke, flexible financing solutions that best suit your business and enable you to get the access platform equipment you need. 

Depending on how you want to leverage your equipment (use or own), the right financing solution matters. Take a look below to see some options of the finance solutions available, and get in touch with us to talk through your needs. 

Financing and leasing solutions provide you with a variety of benefits, such as:

·         Spreading the cost of the equipment over time

·         Predictable monthly payments for budgeting

·         Potential tax benefits*

·         Preservation of capital funds for other business needs

·         Contract length flexibility (12 to 60 months)

·         No down payments required**

Operating Lease 

Lowest periodic payments, and end-of-term options

With an operating lease you  pay rent for the use of the equipment, with flexible options at the end of the lease, such as extending your contract, returning the platform or upgrading to a newer model. VAT is payable on each rental rather than a single lump sum up front.

Contract Hire

Bundled, usage-based solution and end-of-term options

With a contract hire your company has all the benefits of an operating lease together with a maintenance contract built into the agreement, so inspection and upkeep of the access platform is covered. There are also flexible end of term options: extend your contract, return the equipment, or upgrade to a newer model. Regular LOLER inspections and maintenance of equipment is included in the agreement. VAT is payable on each rental rather than a single lump sum up front.

Finance Lease

Continue leasing for a nominal fee with options

With a financial lease, your company has fixed payments over the term of the contract and the flexibility to extend the contract or simply return the equipment at the end. VAT is payable on each rental rather than a single lump sum up front.

Hire Purchase

Intention to own equipment at the end of the term

With a hire purchase option, your company can purchase the equipment for a fixed amount which is specified at the beginning of the contract,

The terms “operating lease”, “finance lease” and “contract hire” are used for descriptive purposes only. The actual classification of the products are a matter for the customer’s auditors and tax advisors.

This webpage has been prepared for promotional purposes only and doesn’t constitute a financing commitment by De Lage Landen Leasing Limited. Availability of finance is subject to formal approval by DLL on credit risk, pricing, structure and documentation and cannot be combined with any other campaign. Guarantees and indemnities may be required. 

This webpage is not intended as advice on how any transaction or aspect of it should be qualified from a legal, tax, accounting or other perspective. We cannot guarantee that any information provided in this document is complete or accurate or fit for your purposes. We recommend that you seek independent advice.

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