Hire Access Equipment for Working at Height on Maintenance and Repair Jobs

At Horizon Platforms we offer a fleet of access equipment for facilities management work, ideal for those hard-to-reach places when keeping up with repairs and maintenance. Our aerial work platforms for rental are the go-to choice when you have work to complete at a height.

Whatever the job — indoors or out — hiring aerial access platforms from Horizon Platforms will give you the peace of mind you need that the job will be carried out using safe, reliable and high quality equipment. Our aerial hire equipment will help you to reach those high spots that need servicing when carrying out an annual safety inspection or fixing a burst pipe.

Our extensive range of access hire equipment for working at height includes a fleet of boom lifts, scissor lifts and personnel lifts. Plus there is an added bonus that we can also provide the training you need to use them. Talk to the Horizon team today about how we can support facilities management work and get the right aerial platform hire for the job.

Access Equipment Hire For Maintenance & Repair

At Horizon Platforms, we have a fleet of access platforms which are perfect for carrying out repairs and maintenance work at height. When undertaking work indoors, we have a variety of access platforms for hire which are suitable for a range of applications. 

We do everything possible to remain a reliable provider of access platforms, so you can enjoy peace of mind that your order will be delivered on time and that you’re able to complete the job using safe, reliable and high-quality equipment.

Our extensive range of access hire equipment for working at height includes a fleet of boom lifts, scissor lifts and personnel lifts. We’re also able to provide the training which you’ll need to use them, including operators and manager courses. 

What to Consider When Choosing Access Platforms for Repair & Maintenance 

It’s important that when entering the process of choosing the right access platforms for your project, you ensure each of the operators is properly IPAF trained and has the correct licence. This will determine which MEWPs the operators will be able to use and whether or not they will be able to supervise in certain situations.

Before making an informed choice about which is the perfect access platform for your application, you need to know whether or not you’re required to navigate obstacles. This could mean that you need to move up and over an object or access areas which require the access platform to extend at an angle. This will rule out MEWPs such as vertical scissor lifts and instead require you to opt for machinery such as articulating boom lifts.

If you’re working indoors, you’ll need to choose an electric-powered MEWP and ensure it has certain other features such as non-marking tyres, which make it suitable for use in settings such as supermarkets.

At Horizon Platforms, we have established policies and procedures which allow us to meet the standards required for ISO 45001 accreditation. Regular audits are also conducted to ensure that we are able to meet our own policies, procedures and all relevant safety regulations. All of this helps us to maintain our excellent safety record and to minimise risks to our customers and staff.

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