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At Horizon Platforms, we offer one point of contact for your entire powered access platform servicing, maintenance and repair needs. Our in-house team of specialists will ensure your MEWPs remain safe and fit for purpose, fully in line with health and safety legislation.

Our team can help you create a safe working environment by ensuring your work-at-height equipment is safe and serviceable at all times. This includes access platform servicing such as LOLER and PUWER tests and examinations, as well as repairs, to keep your platforms compliant.

Fixed Cost Annual Access Platform Servicing & Repairs

No matter what type of access platform(s) you own, our one-year fixed-cost cover will take care of your maintenance requirements. From cherry picker services to scissor lift repair, you can rely on our experienced Service Team to ensure your MEWPs are in good working order. 

Get in touch to find out how our servicing, repair and maintenance package can keep your MEWPs safe.

What do Horizon Platforms’ maintenance and repair agreements include?

The law states that all mobile access platforms must be kept in good working order through regular checks, servicing and six-monthly thorough examinations. All our yearly maintenance contracts include as a minimum: two LOLER thorough tests and examinations and two full services including all necessary consumables. 

Horizon Amber Cover

This annual agreement includes:

2 x LOLER Thorough Test and Examination
2 x Full Services (including all necessary consumables)
Certification and Documentation

Horizon Green Cover

This fully comprehensive scheme includes the following:

2 x Thorough Test and Examinations (LOLER)
2 x Full Services (including all necessary consumables)
Free Breakdown Cover (within a standard working week)
Certification and Documentation

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Platform Operator Manuals

For more information about a platform you current have on hire, view or download the appropriate platform manual.

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Important Policies, Safety Guides and Videos


MEWP Maintenance And Safety Regulations

Powered access platforms are very efficient and allow you to work safely at height. They should be in premium working condition and regular inspections and MEWP maintenance should be carried out, which is required by law for all lifting equipment. Powered access platforms are an essential part of health and safety due diligence, and means jobs at height are completed faster whilst limiting any chance of risk

Whether you opt to hire new or buy used access platforms, keeping access equipment in prime working condition will extend its performance and lifespan. It is a legal requirement to ensure all MEWPs are tested and thoroughly examined by a qualified specialist, every six to twelve months. 

What is LOLER?

Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER) places duties on companies who own, operate or have control over lifting equipment. LOLER has the following requirements for servicing access equipment, which include the following: 

  • Lifting equipment should be safe to use and all necessary precautions must be taken to eliminate or reduce any chance of risk.
  • Access platforms should be thoroughly inspected before use.
  • Every six months examinations should be carried out for those platforms that lift people and every 12 for all other access equipment. 
  • A qualified person should carry out all inspections and servicing, and submit a full report to the MEWP owner. 

What is PUWER?

Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER) regulates the standards of safety for equipment used in work environments. The servicing requirements of PUWER for work equipment are:

  • Access platforms should be suitable for use and maintained in a safe condition so people’s health and safety is not at risk. 
  • Inspect MEWPs regularly to ensure that they are always in safe working order.
  • Mobile access platforms used for carrying people should be fit for purpose with measures taken to reduce the risks to anyone using a MEWP or in the vicinity of the equipment.

Maintenance, Repairs And Servicing FAQs

Here at Horizon Platforms we pride ourselves on offering industry-standard customer service, so we have put together some frequently asked questions, and for further information on why servicing is essential, check out our blog

How often do I need my equipment inspected?

Under current Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER 1998) powered access equipment and accessories that are used for lifting people must undergo a thorough examination at least every 6 months, or at more frequent intervals determined by a competent individual as part of an examination scheme. Other lifting equipment such as material lifts should be inspected every 12 months at a minimum.

What are the benefits of using Horizon Platforms for maintenance and repair?  

  • Fast efficient maintenance and repair service in the event of machine failure.
  • Repairs can be carried out on and off site.
  • Experienced service team to ensure your MEWPs are always in good working order.
  • Offers one-year fixed-cost cover that will take care of your maintenance requirements.
  • Our planned service and maintenance agreements ensure you are compliant with both LOLER and PUWER regulations.

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