4.75m Battery Personnel Lift - SkyJack SJ16

4.75m Battery Personnel Lift - SkyJack SJ16

This machine or equivalent available for UK wide delivery

Working Envelope

Max Platform Height:15.58ft

4.75m Battery Personnel Lift - Skyjack SJ16

The Skyjack SJ16 self-propelled vertical mast lift is compact and highly manoeuvrable. It is drivable at full height with the platform retracted and its turning radius makes it perfect for operating in tight spaces. A 20" traversing platform offers increased access and reach over potential obstacles.

Technical Specification

Power TypeBattery
Extended Max Height15.58ft
Working Height22.15ft
Platform Length2.82ft
Platform Length Extended2.82ft
Platform Width2.26ft
Machine Length4.59ft
Machine Width2.56ft
Stowed Height5.84ft
Stowed Height Rails Down5.84ft
Max Load Capacity227kg
EnvironmentIndoor / Outdoor
Surface IndoorFinished
Surface OutdoorEven
TyresNon Marking
Maximum Ground Bearing Pressure880KN/CM2

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