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Introducing Altogether Better Powered Access

Since 2008, Horizon has been on a mission to drive improvements in the powered access market. Improvements to the customer experience, improvements to quality of service, and improvements in standards and accountability. The needs of customers have evolved, but Horizon’s focus on customer centricity has seen the company grow significantly.

‘Altogether Better’ is a concept that Horizon developed to help define our vision of the business we are today. The key themes behind it will be very familiar to our customers. They’ll see it in the skill and dedication of our co-owner team, and their focus on customer success. They’ll feel it in the quality service and care provided by our network of cherry-picked partners.

This vision has guided the development of the business. Chief Executive Ben Hirst said “The premise of ‘Altogether Better’ is about articulating our unique business model. A model built on providing a top-quality service backed up by the expertise of skilled and committed people and partners.”

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