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5 Considerations When Choosing MEWPs For Racking Installations

Racking Installation

With such a wide variety of access platforms to choose from, installing racking involves high-risk working at height activity that will require carefully considered machinery. 

When selecting a MEWP you will need to consider; the rate capacity, maximum height, power source, site regulations and width. When you acquire the appropriate MEWP the risk of overloading and falling can be significantly reduced. This will also ensure your access platforms run smoothly and efficiently, enabling you to complete your projects on time.

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The Future of Racking Installation

Racking in Warehouse

The recent COVID-19 pandemic forced the closure of non-essential shops and encouraged shoppers to look at online options and home delivery. UK retail sales in May 2020 rocketed by 33.4%, meaning warehouse and logistics supply needed further support to meet this demand. 

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Announcing New Whitepaper on the Safe Installation of Racking

New whitepaper explores safety tips and strategies for scissor lift and forklift truck use in racking and mezzanine installs

Horizon Platforms are pleased to announce the launch of a new whitepaper aimed at racking, storage and warehousing professionals. The whitepaper contains essential best practice for the installation of racking. Particularly in reference to the selection, safe usage and management of scissor lift MEWPs and forklift trucks.

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Only use SAICs & SEIRS installers for racking installation

Racking in Warehouse

Dangers of working at height in the racking installation industry

The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) states that “Any work at height…must be properly planned, appropriately supervised and carried out in a safe way.” The ever-present risks of working at height can be substantially minimised with proper planning and execution of work at height tasks. Here are just some of the dangers that can be encountered when working at height in the racking installation industry, together with some simple steps to ensure warehouse storage installation is carried out safely.

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