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The Multiple Benefits of Scoring Your MEWP Supplier’s Service

It is important for all businesses to remain financially stable while still being able to meet customer demands. Whether in the good times or the bad times, being financially stable doesn’t just mean getting paid for work, it is much broader. Therefore, it’s important to grasp every opportunity to maximise margin and stabilise budgets, all while exceeding customer expectations.

A huge part of this is making sure your supply chain is:

  • Working hard for you and in the right way
  • Helping you to hit your operational and budget objectives
  • Supporting you no matter what

If your supply chain is interested in working for you, they should do this as a bare minimum.

Remember, you are well within your rights to hold your supply chain to account. But where do you start when it comes to cherry picker and scissor lift hire?

This article takes you through the key elements of scoring your powered access supplier’s performance alongwith the benefits that can be achieved because of going through this strategic process.

We have created a scorecard for you to use to help you easily assess if your supplier is delivering in key areas.

Why Score Your Powered Access Supplier’s Performance?

Having worked in powered access hire for many years, Horizon Platforms know customer-needs vary depending on whether you work on scheduled or reactive projects, day, or night, locally or nationwide. But ultimately, your MEWP supplier should tick every box in terms of service and equipment reliability and quality.

So where do you start when assessing your powered access supplier’s hire performance?

Focus Areas When Scoring Powered Access Supplier’s Service and Performance

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): Identify the critical aspects of performance that matter to your operations. This should include equipment reliability, breakdown response time, delivery efficiency, and the accreditations and certifications a supplier holds.

Equipment Reliability: Assess the reliability of the lifters provided. This includes counting the frequency of breakdowns, the supplier’s approach to pre-delivery inspections and maintenance, and the overall condition of the equipment. Reliability is essential to minimise downtime and disruptions to your operations.

Response Time: Measure the supplier’s response time in providing support, maintenance, or resolving issues. A prompt response is critical, especially in emergency situations or when equipment requires immediate attention.

Availability and Delivery: Evaluate the supplier’s ability to meet your demands. Do they have the right volume of machines, and can they consistently provide equipment on time? Do they have contingency plans for unexpected increases in demand?

Communication and Customer Service: Ensure the access platform supplier complies with important regulations and industry standards. Check if access equipment meets safety standards, is properly maintained, and undergoes pre-delivery inspections before every hire.

Value For Money: This involves comparing the costs with the level of service provided. Consider factors such as rental rates vs. supply efficiency.

Feedback and Reviews: Seek feedback from your staff who interact directly with your supplier. Their experiences can provide valuable insights into the supplier’s attitude and dedication to your needs. Additionally, check for reviews or testimonials from other organisations that have used the same supplier.

Continuous Improvement: Work with a supplier who embraces a culture of continuous improvement and who is open to feedback in addressing any issues. This ensures an ongoing commitment to improving their performance to make sure you can focus on your core activities and customers’ needs.

Leave Nothing To Chance

Scoring your powered access supplier’s performance is a strategic practice that ensures safety compliance, equipment reliability, cost efficiency, and helps to bolster the overall effectiveness of your operations. Regular supplier evaluations help you make informed decisions, maintain a strong supply chain, and foster continuous improvement.

online powered access hire supply KPI performance dashboard

Horizon Platforms is fully aware of this. So we have put in place 8 service commitments guaranteeing on-time delivery, quality machines and access to support quickly, 24/7. In addition, with HireHub, our online portal, all customers get access to our supply performance dashboard, which displays statistics such as on-time deliveries, breakdowns and spend. After all we’re here to support every customer’s needs and objectives, so this transparency holds us to account and makes sure we always focus on what matters most to customers.

Multiple Benefits of Scoring Your MEWP Supplier’s Service

Risk Mitigation: Identifying potential risks or shortcomings in their service, allows you to take proactive measures to mitigate risks that could impact your project completion.

Quality Assurance: Ensuring your access platform supplier consistently delivers high-quality equipment and support, helps to reduce the risk of breakdowns, accidents and injuries.

Cost Efficiency: Identifying any inefficiencies or areas for improvement reduces operational costs associated with equipment downtime or repairs.

Customer Satisfaction: Addressing any issues promptly ensures your needs are met, fostering a positive working relationship, and meaning you can focus on core activities.

Operational Performance: Gauging the effectiveness and reliability of their equipment and service, enables you to make informed decisions about future access platform rentals based on performance data.

Continuous Improvement: Based on your strategic supply chain assessments, you are in a powerful position to provide feedback to your supplier. If your current supplier doesn’t welcome feedback, do they have your best interests at heart? Do you therefore need to switch powered access supplier?

A Helping Hand in Scoring Your Supplier!

Horizon Platforms has created a scorecard that helps you quickly and easily assess if your current MEWP supplier is right for your business. In a few minutes you can score them in the following areas:

  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Access Platform Delivery
  • Customer Experience
  • Maintenance & Breakdowns
  • Training
  • Accreditations and Certifications

Download our powered access supplier scorecard here: