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The Risks of Working Outside in the Sun

As we move toward summer and warmer days are (hopefully) on the way for those of us in the UK, our health and safety experts wanted to highlight the importance of keeping safe when working in hot weather outdoors.

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The Cost of Workplace Injury and Illness in Great Britain

For employers, workplace sickness and absence play a huge role in team productivity, worker safety and cost to business. A 2023 study from HSE (Health and Safety Executive) took a deeper look into the financial impact sickness and injury had on businesses, individuals and government benefits from a monetary standpoint. We have taken a look at the findings to highlight the importance of worker health and safety and training for trying to avoid injury and reduce sickness, adding advice for employers on what they need to consider to avoid the impact of this for their businesses.

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Common Workplace Health and Safety Questions Googled Each Month

In recent years standards for health and safety across the UK has only increased, leading to the UK being one of the safest countries worldwide for workers. Whilst reputable companies should provide rigorous health and safety training for staff and ideally have someone on hand to provide guidance, this doesn’t stop employees going to the internet for additional advice on safety at work.

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True or False: Which of These Health and Safety Rules Are Real?

Within the practices of workplace health and safety it can be difficult to separate the guidelines from what is legally required. Any qualified workplace health and safety officer is required to know the difference and they can communicate this to workers across your organisation.

To help separate myths from guidelines and legal requirements, we’ve put together a test to see if you can tell which of these health and safety rules are real. The real rules are either legal obligations for workplaces or official guidance provided by HSE.

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