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CASE STUDY: Reversing The Losses Linked To Poor Powered Access Hire

2 contractors working on a scissor lift in a supermarket

The Background

With the supermarket retail industry worth over £190bn and an estimated estate of over 12,704 stores, keeping them in good working condition and managing layout changes is a stressful business. Timescales are tight and jobs are often carried out at night by teams of contractors across the UK. This makes managing it complex and requires a high degree of trust an efficiency in the teams and suppliers involved to deliver work on time. In amongst the project management challenges, health and safety regulations need to be met continuously.

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Operating MEWPs in Restricted Spaces

Using MEWPs to install and construct racking in restricted spaces significantly improves efficiency and safety. That said, it’s still important to ensure the correct precautions are put in place to minimise the chance of an accident while working at height. 

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5 Considerations When Choosing MEWPs For Racking Installations

Racking Installation

With such a wide variety of access platforms to choose from, installing racking involves high-risk working at height activity that will require carefully considered machinery. 

When selecting a MEWP you will need to consider; the rate capacity, maximum height, power source, site regulations and width. When you acquire the appropriate MEWP the risk of overloading and falling can be significantly reduced. This will also ensure your access platforms run smoothly and efficiently, enabling you to complete your projects on time.

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Get a Platform Hire Quote When You Want It: 24/7 Quotations Now Available

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The Trouble with MEWP Hire

Getting a platform hire quote is not always as easy as it should be. If you’re busy and can’t get 5 minutes to yourself to call a hire company during office hours, it can affect your schedule and leave you feeling stressed out. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get a quote when you wanted to, at any time of day, and didn’t have to wait for a person to get back to you?

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What is the Best Boom Lift?

Boom Lift

Boom lifts are a versatile type of aerial platform and as such, they can be used in a variety of applications. Offering excellent manoeuvrability, there are a wide selection of boom lifts to choose from, each with different power options, maximum height and maximum load capacity. As such, the best boom lift to hire depends on a range of factors, from the environment and terrain to the nature of the project and the height required. 

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