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The Best MEWPs For Warehousing & Distribution

As a business operating within the warehousing and distribution industry, you’ll be required to work at height on a daily basis. With many employees required to work above ground level so regularly, it’s important that they remain safe whilst doing so. Through the use of mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs), you can ensure workers on-site are able to work at height safely and efficiently, allowing both storage and distribution tasks to be carried out. 

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CASE STUDY: Reversing The Losses Linked To Poor Powered Access Hire

2 contractors working on a scissor lift in a supermarket

The Background

With the supermarket retail industry worth over £190bn and an estimated estate of over 12,704 stores, keeping them in good working condition and managing layout changes is a stressful business. Timescales are tight and jobs are often carried out at night by teams of contractors across the UK. This makes managing it complex and requires a high degree of trust in the teams and suppliers involved to deliver work on time. In amongst the project management challenges, health and safety regulations need to be met continuously.

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