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10 Uses for Powered Access Platforms

Boom Lift

When it comes to working at height, in some cases using a ladder is simply not a practical or safe solution. Some jobs may even require access to tight spaces and scaffolding may not be practicable. This is where mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs) come in! Powered access platforms will allow you to reach all the hard-to-access areas without putting you at risk. 

MEWPs are used in an abundance of industries and sectors – some you wouldn’t even think of. In this blog, the team at Horizon Platforms have put together just a few of the many uses of powered access platforms. 

What is a MEWP?

A MEWP is a platform that is usually powered, designed to help people carry out work at height safely. MEWPS are commonly referred to by a whole host of names, including cherry pickers, boom lifts and scissor lifts – to name just a few. 

What are Powered Access Platforms Used For?

Powered access platforms are used for people working at a height – whether that’s cleaning windows, putting up signs or installing pipework. They have an abundance of uses and are much safer than your everyday step ladder. With a range of features and models you will be sure to find an access platform suitable for your job. 

Using Powered Access Platforms Across Different Industries

Powered access platforms are extremely versatile and can aid people within a host of different industries such as construction, industrial, retail and government sectors. MEWPS offer features to comply with warehouse and site regulations and laws. They will allow you to work safely from a height no matter what industry you’re working in.


The construction industry is most likely to require MEWPs. An abundance of powered access platforms are beneficial when it comes to the construction industry, positioning people and their tools and equipment at height when working on installs and buildings. Scissor lifts, cherry pickers and more offer features such as non-marking tyres, dual fuel options and hybrid technology that enable work on indoor or outdoor construction applications. 


Multiple industrial applications require a range of work-at-height machines, primarily scissor lifts, boom lifts and propelled elevating lifts. Within the industrial industry, maintenance is a primary task, so access platforms are needed when remodeling and retooling an industrial facility. They may also be used to aid people in various processing and manufacturing operations. 


Retail facilities such as shopping centres, stores and supermarkets may require equipment such as scissor lifts and boom lifts for decorating, lighting, cleaning and other maintenance tasks. MEWPs within the retail industry are also utilised to access and change overhead signs and advertising boards. 


Work-from-height equipment may not be needed on a daily basis, other than to assist maintenance work. A characteristic within institutions such as schools, hospitals, office buildings, churches and more is the need for equipment that can be moved between their multiple locations. This is where a MEWP comes in as this type of powered access platform is mobile and can be transported between locations with ease. 


The requirement for portable and easily transportable machines throughout multiple locations means that MEWPs are essential! From uses within court rooms, army posts, prisons, libraries and more, powered access platforms are always the safer option when working in the government sector. 

Ten Jobs Powered Access Platforms Can Help Aid 

Not only are MEWPs ideal for an abundance of industries, they are also handy when it comes to helping complete very specific jobs. MEWPS can help save lives if a fire occurs, capture amazing shots on film sets and even light up your cities at Christmas. 

  1. Fire Engines

You may see firefighters using cherry pickers to help access and tackle high up and hard-to-reach fires. 

2. Installing and Cleaning Windows

Particularly in high-rise buildings, installers and window cleaners will require powered access platforms with additional harnesses for extra protection. 

3. Restoring Historic Buildings

MEWPs are a favoured option for restoring old, historic buildings back to their former glory! Working on old buildings requires delicate processes to be able to work safely and avoid damaging any weakened structures. 

4. Installing Aerials, CCTV and More

When needing to work safely at height to install ariels, solar panels, satellites and CCTV, powered access platforms are the preferred option. 

5. Railway

A range of access platforms are required when working on railway networks. MEWPs are used to protect workers from electricity lines and to allow them to gain access to overhead lines. 

6. Shop Refits

MEWPs are required within shop refit applications, decorating and attending to lighting issues. You will also see them used within racking applications, when doing shop refits.

7. Factories and Warehouses

Warehouses and factories will need cherry pickers in order to access stock that’s placed on higher levels. This is a much safer option than a standard step ladder. 

8. Tree Surgeons

You will see many tree surgeons utilising MEWPs to carry out works especially in built-up areas where more control is required. 

9. Media and Filming

To capture moments from above, media and film sets will often use MEWPs. Powered access platforms will allow for more versatile shots and wider angles.  

10. Christmas 

Powered access platforms are even used to help get everyone into the festive spirit. Across the UK, lights, trees and decorations are placed way up high and will require a MEWP to install them. People are often seen working at height to light up our cities! 

How to Choose The Right Powered Access Platform

Here at Horizon Platforms, we have an extensive fleet of equipment that gives you over 1,000 platforms to choose from, provided by well-known nationwide manufacturers. Our expert team is on hand to advise which machine is most suitable for the job. We will ensure you get on-time, efficient delivery, whilst also ensuring you know how to operate your MEWP safety. For more information about hiring an access platform, visit the Horizon Platforms blog or take a look at our FAQs.