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Racking inspection & maintenance | Always use a MEWP

Racking in Warehouse

MEWPs for racking inspections

All racking systems – from adjustable pallet racking to drive-in racking – must be properly and regularly inspected to ensure it is in excellent working order and safe to use.

Racking can come under enormous strain from a variety of sources including:

> The load of the goods being stored
> Damage by forklift trucks and other warehouse vehicles and equipment
> General wear and tear

It’s advisable for warehouse storage employees and managers to keep a close eye on damage and defects to racking systems; if any problems are identified, they should be reported and dealt with immediately. In addition, the HSE recommends regular visual inspections of racking systems – normally once a week – as well as an expert inspection by a “technically competent person” at least once a year; this includes mezzanine floors. Many warehouse storage companies use a SEMA-approved racking inspector (SARI) to carry out this work but it can also be undertaken by a specialist from their racking supplier or an in-house specialist.

The HSE guidance states that the frequency of racking inspections “depends on a variety of factors that are particular to the site concerned and should be determined by a nominated ‘person responsible for racking safety’ (PRRS) to suit the operating conditions of the warehouse.”

At-height racking inspection and repairs – stay safe with a MEWP

A large proportion of racking inspections can be undertaken at ground level. However, if a SARI or other competent person suspects that there may be problems higher up in the racking system, it may be necessary to hire a mobile elevating work platform (MEWP) – normally a scissor lift – to investigate further.

MEWPs allow SARIs to carry out racking inspections at height safely and quickly. Using safe work at height equipment will ensure companies comply with the relevant legislation. All MEWP operators should be properly IPAF trained to ensure they can operate their platform safely and efficiently.

MEWP hire from Horizon Platforms

We offer a range of scissor lifts and boom lifts to help with high-level racking inspections.

Available to hire or buy, scissor lifts are a great choice for SARIs who need straight-up access. If it’s ‘up-and-over’ access you’re after, boom lifts – also known as cherry pickers – may be the better option.

Our experienced MEWP hire professionals can advise on the best platform for the job. Simply give us a call.