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MEWP Battery Regeneration: Increasing Battery Life to Support Sustainability

In the Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWPs) field, it’s no secret that opting for electric-powered access platforms is a significant step towards sustainability. These machines produce zero emissions when in use, reducing air pollution and minimising environmental impact. Also, with technological advancements, electric lifters offer comparative or greater operational and functional efficiencies when compared with their fuel powered counterparts. 

Therefore, the longevity of batteries plays a pivotal role in not only ensuring the seamless functionality and operational efficiency of MEWPs but minimising the need to replace batteries, which in some scenarios is avoidable. 

Discover the innovative approach Horizon Platforms are taking to maximise battery usage and salvage underperforming batteries while simultaneously contributing to sustainable practices by extending the lifespan of these crucial components.

What is MEWP Battery Regeneration?

Access platform battery regeneration refers to a process aimed at restoring and optimising the performance of MEWP batteries. Platforms such as scissor lifts and cherry pickers rely on efficient and reliable battery systems to power their operations. 

Over time, these batteries can experience degradation due to several factors. The MEWP battery regeneration process involves a thorough assessment of the battery’s current condition to identify whether or not the battery needs restoration to improve its overall lifespan. From there, engineers can provide targeted repairs, bringing the battery up to condition – and in many cases, to an as-new state.

What Factors Impact MEWP Battery Health?

Generally, a well-maintained MEWP battery lasts for approximately 7 years. Nevertheless, various factors can significantly impact its lifespan and when mishandled, even the most robust batteries may experience accelerated deterioration, falling short of their expected operational lifespans. 

MEWP batteries are subject to many stressors that can lead to premature failures. Over-discharging, a common issue in the field, strains the battery cells, reducing their capacity over time. Improper maintenance, neglecting routine checks, and letting batteries run flat can also further exacerbate the problem, making it essential to address these issues proactively.

What are the Benefits of MEWP Battery Regeneration for operators?

There are a number of worthwhile benefits to consider when it comes to MEWP battery regeneration. These include:

By salvaging batteries that would otherwise need replacing, our regeneration process offers significant cost savings. This sustainable approach aligns with our ongoing commitment to providing eco-friendly solutions for our customers. 

  • Environmental Impact: Extending the lifespan of MEWP batteries through regeneration reduces the need for frequent replacements. This not only minimises the environmental footprint associated with battery production but also promotes a greener, more sustainable approach to machine maintenance.
  • Operational Efficiency: A MEWP with a fully optimised battery ensures operational efficiency and reliability. With our innovative regeneration process, operators can trust that their equipment is ready to meet the demands of challenging work environments.
  • Downtime Reduction: The proactive approach to battery regeneration prevents unexpected failures, reducing downtime and enhancing the overall productivity of MEWP units.

How to Improve MEWP Battery Lifespan

Recognising the critical role that batteries play in MEWP performance, Horizon Platforms has developed a battery regeneration process. This procedure is designed to breathe new life into ailing batteries, restoring them to their original state and ensuring they operate at capacity.

Using advanced battery regeneration software, faulty batteries go through a series of special charges, fighting the internal changes in the batteries caused by poor maintenance, insufficient charge cycles and letting the battery go flat. The advanced software knows the size of the batteries and tailors the procedure to achieve maximum success.

The regeneration process identifies areas of degradation and stress. If caught in time, our experts can implement targeted interventions to reverse the damage, effectively resetting the battery to an optimal condition. This not only prevents premature failures but also maximises the utilisation of the powered access equipment, delivering exceptional value to operators.

So far, reversing MEWP battery damage and prolonging lifespan has contributed to a 30% reduction in lead battery waste at Horizon Platforms. This helps to further support our commitment to sustainability, now and into the future.

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 Our MEWP Battery Regeneration process forms part of our commitment to sustainability and innovation. By addressing the common challenges that impact battery life, Horizon Platforms not only provides a cost-effective solution for replacing batteries but also actively contributes to a more sustainable and eco-friendly future for the powered access platform industry. 

As the demand for efficient and environmentally conscious practices grows, we are proud to stand at the forefront, offering a transformative solution that extends the life of MEWP batteries and supports the broader goal of sustainable equipment management.

For more information on how MEWP sustainability is evolving, explore our article: A Closer Look at Future MEWP Innovations and Trends or browse our blog for further expert-led tips and tricks.

If you own a battery powered access platform and feel you’re spending too much on battery replacements, feel free to speak with our team about MEWP battery regeneration. In addition, speak with us about how we can help with platform servicing, maintenance and LOLERs.