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8 Benefits Of Hiring Powered Access Platforms

8 Benefits of Hiring Powered Access Platforms - Horizon Platforms

Whether you’re working at height or in a restricted space, powered access equipment can make your job significantly easier, allowing you to safely elevate to hard-to-reach areas, navigate narrow aisles and much more.

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Play it safe when working near overhead power lines

IPAF Training - Play it safe when working near overhead power lines

By Matt Fray, Senior Account Manager

If you’re performing temporary work at height, using a mobile elevating work platform (MEWP) is safe, versatile, and reliable. That being said, as ever, your safety is entirely dependent on the way you handle the machine – and making sure you take care to check your facts and get the right IPAF training before you power up.

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Time to book a spring clean for your machine?

By Charlie Smart, Service Manager

There’s nothing quite like the dawning of spring: better weather, more time outdoors, and the perfect time of year to get things in order with an annual spring clean.

At Horizon Platforms, March marks the start of one of our busiest periods for the Maintenance Department as this is when we have the largest proportion of our fleet of work at height platforms back in the depot, making it the perfect time of year for a full scale ‘spring clean’. When it comes to work at height, safety is our watchword and a planned and thorough inspection and testing programme is essential to ensure all our powered access platforms are safe to use; without it, serious injury and even death can occur.

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