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Working Together: How Horizon Platforms Helped a National Electrical Contractor With a Large Multi-Site Supermarket Project

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Here at Horizon Platforms, we not only have extensive knowledge of the supermarket industry – we have a specific nationwide fleet of MEWPs that are perfect for any project within the supermarket environment. Large national retailers such as supermarkets prioritise risk and reputation management, and expect people working in their supply chain to follow suit. We are proud of our approach to compliance and health and safety, which is just part of the many reasons we are a go-to choice for MEWP hire for supermarket environments. 

Read our case study to see how we helped an electrical contractor complete a multi-site rollout for a major supermarket chain.

Overview Of The Project 

A large national electrical company was tasked with the job of installing a multi-site rollout for a major supermarket brand. With each store having an abundance of different specifications, tasks were often required to be carried out at the same time and at height. It was necessary to ensure various powered access platforms were available on-site to ensure hard-to-reach areas could be accessed whilst minimising the risk of an accident occurring.

The Challenge: A Multi-Site Supermarket Rollout 

For the Project Co-ordinator at a large electrical contractor, ensuring a successful multi-site rollout with a major supermarket is a high stakes game. Each store has its own specification and hundreds of project elements will run at the same time. It’s a chain of requirements that are often interlinked, and plans can have complex project dependencies that need to be in place for the contractor to move forward. Like all chains, it’s only as strong as its weakest link.

The Project Co-ordinator goes on: “Our job can see us working on lighting elements and security, as well as the important services needed to keep the supermarket products at the right temperature, and presented the way the customer wants.”

The challenge for the Project Co-ordinator was ensuring that all project elements would run smoothly, efficiently and on time, whilst also complying with health and safety regulations. Project managers have to put the safety of their employees and others at the forefront of their work, often using indoor scissor lifts and other MEWPs to make sure any work-at-height jobs are completed with minimum chances of risks occurring. 

Therefore working with a reliable MEWP hiring company was key to ensuring work at height jobs could be completed safely and efficiently when needed, with zero delays to the overall project.

The Objective: Helping People Work Safely At Height

Agile and reliable supply of powered access platforms, such as cherry pickers, are a necessary element to complete most electrical projects happening as part of a supermarket rollout, with many of the services in the walls and ceilings. The need to access these hard-to-reach elements is one of the most vital parts of the work involved.  

Horizon Platforms’ objective was to ensure on time delivery and collection of MEWPs to and from the supermarket site. Having peace of mind when hiring powered access platforms was key to the running of this project as having high quality machinery on site and on time is key to ensuring minimal downtime at the supermarkets. 

The Solution: Providing High Quality Powered Access Platforms

What is already a complex operation can be made even more complicated by the supply chain involved in a supermarket multi-site rollout. Not all powered access hire companies are created equal, and being let down is a constant source of risk and anxiety for many businesses who need to work at height within the supermarket industry.

The market for powered access hire is increasingly crowded, and includes large general-hire companies that often lack the responsiveness and flexibility of a specialist platform supplier. At the other end of the scale you have smaller companies, with no platforms of their own, no credentials or compliance in place, and little support for customers if something goes wrong.

Contractors working within the supermarket environment work to tight deadlines, must ensure minimal downtime for stores, require 24/7 support and need efficient, safe and quick delivery of their powered access platforms in order to complete a project on time. It’s just not that easy to find a hire company that can be relied on, when working for major retailers where compliance and responsible risk management is imperative.

Here at Horizon Platforms, we offer fast, nationwide delivery, and an adaptable approach to project requirements. This meant we could offer scissor lifts for different elements and task requirements that the electrical contractors needed to ensure maximum efficiency. 

The Results: The Horizon Platforms Difference 

At Horizon Platforms,  we work closely with our customers, developing strong relationships and building trust by always coming through for them, time after time.

One of the reasons Horizon was successful was due to the strong relationship between client and supplier.  The Project Co-ordinator explained, “Our latest work for a national supermarket was tight on cost, so we had to put the powered access element out for tender. Horizon was always our first choice though, as we know we can always rely on them.

“The team there knows us and knows our needs, and we feel secure that once we’ve organised a delivery with Horizon, that’s at least one aspect of the project we don’t have to worry about. Which is useful as there are plenty of others to keep me up at night!”

Why Horizon Platforms Is a Reliable Platform Provider For Supermarkets

One of the main advantages of choosing Horizon Platforms is our understanding of the supermarket supply chain, along with having a fleet of industry-standard powered access platforms perfect for any job within the supermarket environment.

Here are just a few reasons why contractors choose Horizon: 

  • An industry-standard fleet of access platforms available nationwide.
  • Fully inspected and cleaned MEWPs.
  • Reliable delivery and collection, ensuring minimal downtime so projects can be completed on time.
  • Health and safety focus which is demonstrated through our accreditations and certificates.
  • Fast turnaround time, so you can rely on us to have a MEWP on site whenever you need it. 
  • 24/7 customer service for expert help no matter when or where you are. 

Horizon Platforms’ industry-leading approach to compliance and health and safety helps vaccinate customers against any sort of risk. Horizon invests in the best processes and procedures which is exhibited through our accreditations and certifications, including a triple crown of ISO accreditations, Safe Contractor certification and being awarded IPAF Rental+. 

The Use Of MEWPS Within The Supermarket Supply Chain

Working at height is often a key part of projects completed on supermarket sites across the country. Contractors working on these projects must reduce the risk of accidents or injury by taking necessary protective measures, such as ensuring the safe use of scissor lifts or cherry pickers. The use of a MEWP is supported by the HSE as an effective control method and safe means of working at height to carry out a wide range of tasks within the supermarket setting, including: 

  • Maintenance and repairs
  • Electrical and CCTV fittings
  • Signage installation 
  • Car park charging pod installation and maintenance
  • Self checkout upgrades
  • Refits and new builds
  • Emergency facilities maintenance 

Within the supermarket supply chain it’s important to work with reputable hiring companies and ensure there’s a member of your team onsite who is fully qualified to operate a MEWP. This ensures all health and safety regulations can be met, jobs can be completed on time and efficiently whilst minimising the chance of an accident or injury occurring.

How Can Horizon Platforms Help Your Next Project?

Are you working on a complex supermarket project with a demanding schedule, and need powered access platforms on site? We have an exceptional track record of delivering powered access platforms for challenging projects within the supermarket setting, backed up with all the credentials and compliance infrastructure in place to reassure you and your customers. To discuss the best MEWP to hire for your supermarket project, talk to the team at Horizon Platforms today.
Are you looking for more information on MEWPs within the supermarket supply chain and how Horizon Platforms can help aid safe work from height across a variety of projects within the supermarket setting? You can find out more in our supermarket whitepaper: Access the Aisles: Advice on the Selection and Safe Operation of MEWPs in Supermarket Retail.