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All in a day’s work as Horizon Platforms raises vital funds for Macmillan Cancer Support

Charity Fundraising for Macmillan Nurses

Members of Horizon Platforms’ Relationship Support team from Warrington gave up their Saturday to collect money for Macmillan Cancer Support at Toys R Us in Warrington. Left to right are: Andrew Birchall, Laura Buzzard and Amy Harrison.

By Laura Buzzard, Senior Relationship Support Manager

As much as I love my job helping Horizon Platforms’ customers with their day-to-day access platform hire needs, once in a while it’s nice to do something a bit different, especially when it’s for a worthwhile cause. Sadly, I lost my mum to cancer in February, so when I got the chance to raise money for a leading cancer charity, I jumped at it…

It was a cold and blustery Saturday in April but Horizon’s 3-strong fundraising team kept smiling as generous shoppers dropped spare change into our collection buckets, helping us to raise vital funds for a charity that is dear to all our hearts – Macmillan Cancer Support.

Two other members of the Warrington Relationship Support team – Andrew Birchall and Amy Harrison – joined me at the exit of the busy Warrington Toys R Us store for our latest charity fundraiser. We were hard to miss with our bright green buckets and equally bright Macmillan t-shirts as we chatted to shoppers and handed out stickers to excitable children clutching the latest toy craze (Shopkins for girls and Super Soakers and anything Captain America for the boys, apparently!)

Passers-by delighted us with their own personal success stories; others told us about their loved ones’ fight against cancer, and almost all of them mentioned what a difference the Macmillan team had made to their lives.

The day raised a total of £166.10, enough to pay for 6 hours of nursing care by a specialist Macmillan Cancer Nurse. We were all thrilled with that figure and received a huge thanks from Macmillan for our efforts, but we’re not stopping there!

Next on the fundraising calendar is a gruelling 13.2 mile run through the streets of Liverpool at the end of May as members of the Horizon team – including myself and Amy – will join 12,000 runners in the Liverpool Rock ‘n’ Roll half-marathon. Macmillan is hoping to raise £22,000 from the run, a sum which could operate the charity’s support line phone service for a full day.

A staggering 2.5 million people are living with cancer in the UK today, and huge numbers rely on the specialist health care information and financial support provided by Macmillan. We’re happy and honoured to do our bit to help so that this wonderful charity can continue to support as many sufferers as possible because, as Macmillan’s slogan says, “No one should face cancer alone”.