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What Are The Best MEWPS For Supermarket Use?

When working within the supermarket environment it is crucial to choose the correct machine to help complete your projects safely. Many MEWPs are specifically designed to operate within restricted, narrow spaces, and there are plenty of great powered access platforms to choose from to help you work at height in a supermarket setting!

If you were to choose the wrong machine for your supermarket project this could lead to greater risks of injuries and accidents occurring, such as if the operator has to reach out of the access platform. Using an access platform that’s not suited to restricted indoor spaces could also cause significant damage to the area or, worse, other professionals working on the site. 

MEWP Requirements When Working Within Supermarkets

When it comes to selecting a MEWP for supermarket jobs there are many requirements you will need to consider. With a wide fleet of powered access platforms to choose from, supermarket contractors will need to carefully consider which MEWP meets the job’s specific requirements. This could include the following: 

  • Non-marking tyres and nappies
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Low noise 
  • Zero tail swing
  • Safe working load 
  • Max working height and width 

An Ideal Replacement For Ladders And Steps

The Star10 Access Platform

The Haulotte Star 10 boom lift is ideal for accessing difficult-to-reach places within a supermarket. It is a battery-powered access platform that can be used both indoors and out but is particularly suited to indoor work at height due to its non-marking tyres. 

With a working height of 10m and 360º rotation, the Haullotte Star10 gives users versatility when working on indoor supermarket applications. It offers a narrow turning radius, allows easier access into restricted spaces and is designed with a motion alarm, flashing beacon and an anti-entrapment system. As a result of these features, the Star 10 access platform is a very useful MEWP for supermarket maintenance and repair work. 

The NiftyLift HR12 Boom Lift

A self-propelled boom lift, the NiftyLift HR12 is one of the most reliable and versatile powered access platforms. With incredible manoeuvrability and reach performance, these features make it a great all-rounder for indoor supermarket use and it’s ideally suited for work in factories, warehouses or any restricted indoor space. 

This boom lift offers a safer alternative to ladders and scaffolding and its versatile battery power pack enables it to work inside and out quietly and with zero emissions.

The Genie Z33/18 Boom Lift

The battery-powered Genie Z33/18 boom lift is a quiet, emission-free access platform suitable for reaching indoor working heights of 12m. This boom lift is ideal for ‘up and over’ reach requirements in restricted, small areas and narrow passageways, whilst also being able to fit through standard double doorways. 

Suitable for use within supermarkets, this cherry picker offers an alternative way to reach heights safely compared to using ladders and scaffolds. 

What Are MEWPs Used For Within The Supermarket Setting? 

Working at height is an inevitable part of any job within the supermarket industry. The use of MEWPs within supermarkets is supported by the HSE and meets the Work at Height Regulations (2005) as an efficient and safe means of working at height. This is why various cherry pickers, scissor lifts and more are used for a wide range of tasks in the industry, including,  

  • Maintenance and repair
  • Electrical and CCTV fittings
  • Signage installation 
  • Installing car park charging pods
  • Self-checkout updates
  • Refits and new build projects
  • Emergency facilities maintenance

Looking For More Information On MEWPs For Supermarket Use? 

In our supermarket whitepaper, Time-Critical Retail Projects. Are You Wasting £000s Unnecessarily?, we discuss the current landscape, best practices for MEWP hire and what key safety considerations need to be taken into account when using MEWPs.

To discuss the best MEWP to hire for your project, talk to the team at Horizon Platforms today. Once we’ve got a feel for your requirements, our experts will suggest the ideal supermarket access platform for you.