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The Best MEWPs For Warehousing & Distribution

As a business operating within the warehousing and distribution industry, you’ll be required to work at height on a daily basis. With many employees required to work above ground level so regularly, it’s important that they remain safe whilst doing so. Through the use of mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs), you can ensure workers on-site are able to work at height safely and efficiently, allowing both storage and distribution tasks to be carried out. 

At Horizon Platforms, our experts have a wealth of experience providing quality MEWPs and specialist work at height equipment to, warehousing and distribution companies. Whether you own your own warehouse or lease a building, you’ll need to store and distribute your goods quickly and easily; our hire experts understand that. 

To ensure that businesses within this sector have access to the equipment they need, we have a fleet of MEWPs available for hire. This includes narrow electric scissor lifts, the ideal access platform type for warehouses and factories, as well as a choice of personnel lifts and boom lifts.

Why Are MEWPs Essential For Warehousing & Distribution?

Whilst it may seem as though scaffolding and ladders are suitable for some warehouse jobs, there are many limitations and safety issues posed by the use of this equipment.

By utilising a MEWP for use in warehousing and distribution services, employees can work both safely and more efficiently at height, due to the versatility of the access platforms. As MEWPs for distribution services are mobile, rather than stationary platforms, they can be easily manoeuvred around the factory floor to perform a broad range of jobs.

Some of the most common warehouse operations that can be completed using a distribution service MEWP include:

  • Goods in
  • Stocktakes
  • Quality assurance
  • Picking and packing
  • Fulfilment
  • Despatch/distribution
  • Cleaning and maintenance

MEWPs ideal for distribution services are extremely versatile and can aid with tasks at a range of heights, from low to high-level, providing access up to 22m. Smaller platforms are ideal for indoor work in the narrow aisles of a warehouse as they provide zero tail spin, allowing them to operate within a small perimeter. Most of these smaller platforms are electric or bi-energy so they are clean, quiet and reliable. 

What Are The Key Features Of A Warehousing Industry MEWP?

When looking for the right MEWPs to play a vital role in your warehousing and distribution service, you should look out for a few key features to ensure they’re the right fit. A MEWP that’s being used for this application must be suitable for indoor use, which means it must be battery powered and it must be agile enough to operate within restricted spaces.

When looking for the perfect MEWPs for warehousing and distribution use, our expert team are always on hand to provide insight and support. With an extensive selection available, we aim to cater to every one of your requirements through our comprehensive approach to supplying powered access platforms.

Key features of our warehouse industry-appropriate MEWPs include:

  • Slim widths – perfect for narrow aisles in warehouses
  • Reach heights up to 22m
  • Non-marking tyres for indoor use
  • Quick and easy to use – ensuring stock pickers can fulfil orders quickly
  • Electric battery-powered MEWPs available
  • Load sensor devices increase safety

What Training Is Required To Operate MEWPs?

In order to safely operate a powered access platform, workers must first complete an IPAF (The International Powered Access Federation) training course. To ensure that you’re able to acquire the perfect MEWP and train your employees on how to operate them, Horizon Platforms offers numerous training courses so you can ensure your safety when working at height on your next project.

Our IPAF training courses are delivered by leading industry professionals to make sure that you and your employees get the best training for safe working at height. 

The training course will cover key areas of operating a MEWP, from using the controls efficiently to tackling safety challenges. Not only is it a legal requirement to complete adequate training before operating a MEWP, but it’s also important to ensure the operator has the required ability to do so to minimise the chance of accidents or injury occurring on site. 

All our training courses conform to the international ISO quality mark and satisfy standards required by many Health and Safety legislation and Work at Height regulations. 

Get in touch with our experienced team to find out more about distribution service MEWP training from our experts and to ensure you get the right distribution service MEWP for your business. To get started right away, visit HireHub and start hiring platforms online – you can even receive a quote in just 15 minutes.