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How To Choose A Reliable Access Platform Provider

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With a whole host of scissor lifts and cherry pickers to hire or buy, finding the right powered access platform provider can be a challenge. Here at Horizon Platforms, we strive to make your hiring process as simple as possible. Providing access to over 16,000 platforms nationwide through our network of 31 partners we ensure you can carry out work safely at height and offer fast, reliable delivery, competitive rates and a collection of remarkable accreditations – these are just some of the reasons why you should choose a reputable scissor lift provider like Horizon Platforms. 

When choosing a reliable MEWP provider you will want to look for a handful of requirements and accreditations to ensure you are getting a high-quality service and access platform suitable for your project. Horizon Platforms shares everything you need to consider when choosing an access platform provider and why Horizon Platforms is a reliable, industry-leading  provider.

How To Choose A Reputable Scissor Lift Provider

When considering a reputable work-from-height platform provider you will want to consider the following three factors: 

  1. An extensive fleet of powered access platforms

When considering a reliable MEWP provider you will want to ensure they have an extensive fleet of different access platforms to choose from, as not all will be suitable for your job. Some specialise in indoor machines, some in extra large machines, it is important to consider which you require to understand if that supplier can fully meet your needs.  Many different scissor lift and cherry picker types come with various features which may only be suitable for specific jobs. Therefore, an access platform provider that can provide a MEWP tailored for your job will be more beneficial and ensure smooth operation when working on a project. Whether you are looking for a scissor lift or boom lift, you should be able to rely on them to find the correct MEWP for your next project.

  1. Professionally inspected, repaired and maintained MEWPS

You will want to make sure it arrives at your site in good working order, fully operational, and is safe and compliant at all times. They should go through a thorough inspection before arriving at your site, with full-service history and also have had regular inspections prior to you hiring the MEWP. This will give you full peace of mind that your hired equipment is ready to use from the get-go. Many reliable access platform providers will also offer a repair service, so in the unlikely event of machine failure, you’ll have access to an expert on-site if needed.

  1. Impressive accreditations

A reputable platform hire provider will hold an abundance of accreditations and certificates, such as ISO standards, Safe Contractor certification and IPAF Rental+ Gold. These accreditations will separate MEWP providers within the industry and ensure they are providing excellent standards of service. 

  1. Consider the true cost of hire, not just the hire rate

Price can often be a large factor in selecting a MEWP partner. With so many companies offering seemingly the same equipment, it can be tempting to choose the lowest cost provider. However, this does not take into account the true cost of your hire. Is your project time critical? Have you considered what the impact would be of late delivery or breakdown on your team? This can sometimes cost between £700 – £2000 per shift when work can’t be completed due to a machine not turning up or breaking down.  Ensure that you review on time deliveries, breakdowns and collection performance with your supplier if you are working on time critical projects. You’ll find that the cheapest actually becomes the most expensive when jobs can’t be completed.

Why Horizon Platforms Are A Reliable MEWP Hire Provider 

For many reasons, Horizon Platforms are considered an industry-leading powered access platform provider. From an extensive fleet of MEWPs nationwide to an array of accreditations and a reliable customer service team, you can rely on Horizon Platforms to find a suitable access platform for your project. 

Extensive fleet available nationwide

At Horizon Platforms, we provide access to over 16, 000 access platforms nationwide and only ever supply high-quality machines from reliable manufacturers, such as Genie and JLG. Whether you’re wanting to hire a cherry picker, scissor lift or boom lift, you can rely on us to find the right machine for your project. We are a lead rental solutions provider in the powered access sector and have built strong relationships with trusted nationwide partners and can source a suitable MEWP in no time, no matter where you are based. 


We pride ourselves on our triple crown of ISO standards (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001), FORS Bronze, Safe Contractor certification and the highest accreditation in the Powered Access Industry: IPAF Rental+ Gold. We strive for industry excellence and aim to have the very best accreditations and certifications within our industry, as they separate platform providers like ourselves from the pack, providing the highest guarantee that you’ll receive excellent standards of service when you work with us.  

Competitive service 

Offering a premium service at a competitive cost, we provide quality MEWPs for hire, so you can get your job up and running as quickly as possible. Whether you are looking to hire per day or over a longer period of time, you can secure a quote for the team here at Horizon Platforms in as little as 15 minutes. Offering flexible rental terms allows you the option to hire per day, week or per project, with the option to hire long-term. With an easy hire process you can complete your project, no matter what the size, hassle free, as our finance packages make hiring an access platform as simple as possible. 

Fast, reliable customer service 

We pride ourselves on fast, efficient delivery with 98% of all deliveries arriving on time. We are confident and committed to ensuring you get your MEWP without disruption, which ensures you are able to complete your job on time, resulting in minimum downtime and no unnecessary losses for your supermarket clients. 

Simply open a credit account in just a few minutes and get feedback within one hour so there’s no hanging about. We will also answer any query calls within 15 seconds and confirm your order via email within 15 minutes. Therefore you can spend less time worrying about MEWP hire and more time on the project. 

Professional inspections, repair and maintenance

At Horizon Platforms, we offer industry-leading customer service and one point contact for your entire powered access platform servicing, maintenance and repair needs. With a team of experts, we will ensure your cherry pickers and scissor lifts always arrive on site safe and fully operational, as well as meeting all health and safety legislations. We also offer access platform maintenance packages to cover your entire MEWP servicing, maintenance and repair needs, making sure your MEWPs are always fully operational and safe to use. 

We pride ourselves on offering a nationwide repair service and in the unlikely event of equipment failure you can have access to an expert within 15 minutes and an engineer on your site within three hours, helping to minimise downtime of your project. 

Expert advice 

The team at Horizon Platforms are always on hand to offer advice on which scissor lift is right for you, our expert team of specialists will help you find an access platform that’s perfect for your project. We know you don’t work the standard 9-5, and we don’t either – call us 24/7, and we’ll be there to help out.
For more information on the hiring process, MEWPs in various industries, training advice and more, make sure to check out our blog.