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The Importance of Reliable MEWP Hire For The Food Processing Industry

Mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs) within the food manufacturing industry are regularly needed to complete day-to-day tasks, from carrying out maintenance and repair work to providing safe access to elevated work areas. Whether you need a push-around vertical (PAV), cherry picker, scissor lift or any other suitable MEWP, access platforms have become prominent within the food industry, as health and safety experts highlight the need to work from height safely.

Why Access Platforms Are Important For The Food Processing Industry

The need to have ready access to reliable MEWPS for food factory employees is more important than ever to ensure they can complete a job efficiently, safely, on time and with zero complications. The requirement to work from height within the food manufacturing industry is also inevitable and with many day-to-day maintenance and repair tasks carrying a high chance of risk

Employees need effective ways to reduce the chance of accidents and injury occurring when carrying out work at height by operating an access platform. 

The use of scissor lifts, cherry pickers and various other work-at-height platforms is supported by HSE as a safe, efficient and effective means of working above ground level. MEWPs are widely regarded as a way of preventing falling when working within food processing environments and hiring and buying access platforms from a reliable MEWP provider is essential to encouraging a smooth operation and limiting the chances of accidents happening. 

When operated by a qualified individual, a MEWP can assist workers when carrying out tasks within food factories by providing a safe and secure platform for working at height. 

Best Practice Guidance And Ensuring Safe Work At Height With MEWPS

When operating MEWPs within a food factory there will be additional demands that need to be met, including:

  • An additional risk of contamination 
  • Increased risk of spillage, which increases the dangers of slipping 
  • Maintaining a constant hygienic, germ-free setting

Completing a risk assessment can help minimise certain hazards occurring, as well ensuring the correct access platform equipment is used, such as cherry pickers, push-around platforms and scissor lifts to assist in safe working at height when operating in the food manufacturing industry. 

It is the employer’s responsibility to follow best practice guidance and ensure safe work at height equipment is accessible to workers at all times within a food factory’s working environment. MEWPs are a great alternative to other riskier work at height methods, such as walking up and down gantries or climbing a ladder. 

Why Is Horizon Platforms A Reliable MEWP Hire Provider For The Food Processing Industry? 

With an outstanding reputation within the food processing industry, Horizon Platforms has become established as one of the country’s most trustworthy and reliable access platform hire companies. We have an outstanding understanding of the food processing industry and a range of specialised indoor powered access platforms suitable for a range of projects.

Benefits of hiring a MEWP with Horizon Platforms include: 

  • Extensive nationwide fleet of high-quality access platforms
  • Exacting hygiene standards
  • Professional inspections, repair and maintenance
  • Hire or buy
  • Competitive service 
  • MEWP training experts
  • Extensive health and safety knowledge and experience

Here at Horizon Platforms, we offer MEWPs for the food processing industry with extra built-in features to suit our client’s needs. This can include a repaint, should the access platform become damaged or if it needs to be in brand colours. We also provide our customers with complete confidence when working with us, as we have a range of accreditations and certifications which show our attention to detail when complying with health and safety regulations. 

We understand that finding the right mobile access platform for the food processing industry is essential to the running of a job. From small, narrow lifting platforms to scissor lifts and cherry pickers, we are able to provide machinery which allows you to navigate small spaces whilst maintaining food hygiene standards. Our powered access platform experts advise and supply well-known names in the food industry. With vast experience in this sector, we can offer you a choice of high-quality platforms for the food environment, from battery-powered personnel platforms to scissor lifts. 

Our fleet of platform lifts are small and versatile, allowing operators to clean and maintain everything from wall to ceiling. In addition to our MEWPs, our accessories include everything from harness kits to wheel covers, which can protect both the operator and the environment from damage. 

We not only take care of your food processing needs, but the team can also train your employees to use the machines safely and efficiently. Choose Horizon Platforms so you can keep accidents and health and safety breaches to an absolute minimum whilst improving operational efficiency.

A Smooth MEWP Hiring Process With HireHub

When hiring a MEWP for the food processing industry you want the process to be as streamlined as possible and that’s why we’ve revolutionised the way you can manage your powered access hire. Through HireHub you can enjoy complete control over all aspects of hire, as our platform is designed to make the hiring experience easier than ever before. 

HireHub is the answer if you need a quote fast, with exceptional benefits to customers. From quotes and orders to off-hires and invoices, you can have everything you need at the click of a mouse. It is designed to be simple, quick to use and available when you need it, even after the usual working business hours. 

For more information on the hiring process, MEWPs in various industries, training advice and more, make sure to check out our blog