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Is it safe to use my Access Platform in windy weather?

Every machine has different restrictions and limitations when it comes to wind speed.

With weather conditions hitting hurricane levels in parts of the UK this week, the last place you should be in these particular conditions, is in a cherry picker or scissor lift meters from the ground.  Outdoor machines are all rated to specific wind speeds which are stated in the operators manual and usually on a decal close to the control box.  Sometimes access platforms have varying restrictions dependent on the number of persons and quantity of tools in the basket, as well as when working indoors.

In any instance where you are working at height on an access platform, you should always familiarise yourself with the machine prior to use, take note of the site conditions, use an anemometer and if you are in doubt call us.  We are always on hand for any queries you may have regarding the safe use of Access Platforms, as your safety is our priority.

Dave Williams – Platform Sales

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