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NEW WHITEPAPER – “Time-Critical Retail Projects. Are You Wasting £000s Unnecessarily?” outlines safety tips and best practice strategies for access platforms in Supermarket Retail projects

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Horizon Platforms are pleased to announce the launch of a new whitepaper aimed at the supermarket retail sector and the supply chain of contractors that support it. The whitepaper contains essential best practices for the specification of mobile extending work platforms (MEWPs) such as cherry pickers and scissor lifts. These are vital for essential works within retail spaces, particularly for projects concerning maintenance and refurbishment. The whitepaper also includes essential tips and advice around the safe operation of platforms in that environment.

Sector expert, Rory Duggan outlines why supermarket contractors should read the new whitepaper

Developed with the advice and support of MEWP experts and health and safety specialists, the content leverages Horizon’s own expertise in powered access. The new whitepaper is available to download here: Time-Critical Retail Projects. Are You Wasting £000s Unnecessarily?

Specifying MEWPs for Supermarket Retail Projects

Supermarket supply chains are always under pressure to perform, particularly in reactive maintenance situations.  So with many tasks in this environment being performed at height, it’s vital that the right equipment is used, and that safety best practice is observed at all times. This whitepaper provides useful guidance to both operators and their managers to help support achieving their objectives.

Our sector expert, Rory Duggan said “For contractors focused on this industry, supermarket retail can be an extremely challenging sector.  Projects are often time critical and the pressure to get things right first time is significant.  With this whitepaper, Horizon is looking to support contractors with a useful resource, drive good practice and improve project outcomes.”

The whitepaper contains tips on MEWP specification and ensuring the right machine is selected for the job at hand. There is also guidance offered on both safe operation and training.

Contractors support Supermarkets with essential works such as mechanical and electrical maintenance

Topics covered by the whitepaper include:

  • Best practice selection and specification of MEWPs
  • The right inspection and pre-use checks
  • Tips for operating in restricted space
  • Emergency rescue planning
  • The cost of powered access gone wrong
  • Advice on the best training solutions for operators and managers
Here, Rory outlines 3 key takeaways from the new whitepaper

For more information and to download the whitepaper, click below: