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Which type of racking systems will I need a MEWP to install?

Regardless of a client’s choice of industrial racking system, the HSE says: “All racking systems should be of good mechanical construction, of sound material, adequate strength and installed and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.” A broad range of warehouse storage solutions exist and can be tailored to meet each client’s bulk storage requirements.

Below is a brief description of the different types of racking system your clients may ask for. There are many differences between them, but they also have one thing in common: you’ll need to use a MEWP to install them safely.

– Adjustable pallet racking: this system of vertical frames connected by horizontal beams provide pallet storage at a range of different levels and is most frequently used for general storage where access is required to pallets at all times. Narrow aisle and very narrow aisle versions are available to further increase storage capacity.

– Push-back racking: this high density, first-in-last-out storage system is only suitable for pallets. It allows a pallet to be placed on a powered conveyor or inclined roller, which is then pushed into the system by the next pallet.

– Mobile racking: mounted on a movable chassis base frame, this type of racking enables aisles to be opened and closed and is a good, space-saving choice for storing stock which is not accessed frequently.

– Cantilever racking: incorporating cantilever arms, this type of racking is popular with steel stockholders and timber merchants for storing particularly long or awkward loads.

– Pallet live storage: A live storage system is the perfect choice for products with a high stock turnover. With a rear ‘loading face’ and a front ‘picking face’, products are conveyed on a first-in-first-out system.

– Drive-In racking: this first-in-last-out storage system features blocks of static storage where pallets are stored two or more deep. It is useful for high volumes of bulk stock which are accessed by a fork lift truck driver who drives into a lane and reverses out. Similar drive-through systems are available whereby a forklift truck may be driven through a block from one aisle to the next.

– Vertical or “A-frame” racking: Used to store long materials vertically. More suitable for lighter weight goods such as plastic tubing.

How MEWPs can help in racking installation

The HSE states that “Racking must not be used as access equipment unless it is designed for this purpose. Climbing on racking is prohibited (unless it is specifically designed for access) – do not leave working platforms and climb into racking systems.” This may sound self-explanatory but falls from height are all too common in the warehousing and storage industry. Using a MEWP is the safest way to install racking systems, regardless of their type.

MEWP training is key to safe racking installation

The Work at Height Regulations cover both risks from falls and falling objects and state that all MEWP operators must be properly trained to work safely at height to avoid injury to themselves and others. IPAF-approved training is key. It involves both classroom-based learning and practical sessions so operators learn the theory and get practical experience. Different courses exist, depending on the type of MEWP to be used: IPAF training course 3a teaches delegates how to operate a self-propelled scissor lift, a popular choice with SEIRS installers and SAICs.

Flexible service: choose from a single day to long term MEWP hire contracts

Depending on the scale of the job, you may need a MEWP for a single day or on a longer-term basis. If you need a one-day hire, make sure you choose a reliable MEWP supplier who will deliver your choice of platform on time, every time. Otherwise, you’ll be paying your installers to stand around twiddling their thumbs rather than getting the job done.

Well maintained MEWPs

It’s also vital to ensure the MEWPs you hire in are top quality, well maintained machines; a platform that breaks down mid-installation is of little use. All MEWPs in the Horizon Platforms fleet are looked after by our highly trained Service Team who ensure each and every platform is ship shape and ready to use when you need it.


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