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The Genius of the Scissor Lift

Every so often, someone comes up with an idea that will change things forever, and elevated work platforms are a very good example of this.  The scissor lift is a pretty amazing bit of equipment altogether.  It is incredibly useful when it comes to working at heights and you know that you are perfectly safe when using one.  It’s folding and crossed supports give it a distinctive pattern of X’s when it is in use.

If you are using a scissor lift it is good to know they have got an extremely good safety record and are respected by workers in countries all over the world.  When it comes to descent, many of the units do not require any power as they work on the release of hydraulic or pneumatic pressure.  This is a great fail-safe to have when you are working high up.
When you are looking into scissor lift hire you may also be able to find one with an extending bridge on its platform.  In this way you are not limited to only reaching things vertically.  If the location you are working in is awkward to get to, then this feature can be an absolute godsend.

Many construction and maintenance jobs would be virtually impossible to carry out without the use of the scissor lift.  Along with the cherry picker, it is something that has completely revolutionised building work!