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Your Ultimate Guide to HireHub

Announcing HireHub from Horizon Platforms

Here at Horizon Platforms, we’re proud of being able to meet the different needs of our varied client base. So in addition to our standard access platform hire service, we also offer an online hiring option powered by HireHub, our online customer platform.

HireHub is an easy-to-use system allowing companies to manage MEWP quotes, hires and off-hires online. Whether you’re hiring a scissor lift or off-hiring a cherry picker, with HireHub you can manage everything from your phone, tablet or laptop.

In this guide, Horizon Platforms shares everything you need to know about HireHub and how to control the hiring of work-at-height platforms online easily. 

Key Features Of HireHub

Available to new and existing Horizon Platforms customers, HireHub is designed to offer you the flexibility to hire a MEWP when and where it suits you. On a noisy site and can’t be heard over the phone? Reach for HireHub. Are you a busy contracts manager hiring multiple platforms across multiple sites and needing to keep track of them? Reach for HireHub. 

Here are the main features of the HireHub platform:

  • Get a quote in 15 minutes and accept  there and then 
  • Hire, off-hire or extend hires from your account
  • Track and manage all your hires online
  • Accessible via any device with a browser
  • Designed to be quick and easy to use
  • Works when you need it to, even after hours
  • Have invoicing transparency 24/7 

Getting started with HireHub

HireHub customers have credit accounts, allowing them to regularly hire powered access platforms with ease and without worrying about upfront payments. The Horizon Platforms credit application only takes a few minutes. 

Once credit is approved, registration is straightforward with HireHub. When you’re signed in, you will receive tutorial videos and guides on how to use the system. But if you need us to show you how to use HireHub, you can book some time with our team. It’s not a problem. Our onboarding managers are available to help you get the best from HireHub. You will never be alone with HireHub! 

How To Get and Accept MEWP Quotes Through HireHub

HireHub lets you view your specific rates when and where you want to, on any device. You can quickly get a quote via the platform in minutes, and with just a few taps you can convert the quote into an order.  We will do the rest and make sure your platforms arrive when and where you need them.

With HireHub you are free to raise quotes and place orders for MEWPs at any time of the day or night. Horizon Platforms has made platform lift hire easy, allowing you to order the machines you need, at any time, and in a place that suits you.

Manage All Orders On HireHub At Any Time Of The Day

HireHub makes the hiring experience straightforward for those who don’t need a dedicated support team or would like the option to hire online, instead of, or in addition to our standard hiring service.  

This online platform allows you to view and manage quotes, hires, off-hires, and invoices, all at the click of a button.

You have the option to place and manage orders directly via your HireHub account, and get, and accept, a quote for a new hire within 15 minutes.

Once you have placed your order through your HireHub account, you will be able to update and view order details and off-hire machines.

Why HireHub Can Help The Running Of A Project

Whether you’re new to Horizon or an existing customer, you can supercharge your powered access experience with convenience and flexibility. With HireHub you can monitor and control your hires, ensuring your work-at-height projects run smoothly. 

Plus, in the unlikely event of machine failure, you can contact us via your HireHub account. Our team will then arrange for an engineer to contact you, or even visit your site, minimising downtime and stress.

Using HireHub is a breeze! Want to know what you’ve got on hire or extend a hire? It’s all there. Need to find an invoice? It’s super quick and easy. With HireHub you have everything you need all in one place.

Hire Your Next Access Platform With Horizon Platforms

Horizon Platforms are a reliable and consistent MEWP provider, whether you hire with us by phone, email or online. That’s why 98% of our hires are trouble-free. We know you don’t always work the standard 9 to 5, and we don’t either – contact us 24/7, and start getting access to dependable platform hire.

For more information on platform hiring best practices, using MEWPs in various industries, IPAF training advice and more, make sure to check out our blog.