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The best MEWPS for racking installation companies, SAICs and SEIRS installers

Racking Installation

Quality MEWPs for SAICs and SEIRS Installers

Whether you’re installing standard pallet racking units in a small industrial unit or a more specialist racking system such as cantilever racking in a steel stockholders, you’ll need a quality MEWP that enables you to work at height safely.

With only the best machines from leading UK suppliers and a huge stock of quality MEWPs to hire or buy in the North of England, we are ideally placed to supply you with the kit you need, when you need it. We can also help SAICs and SEIRS installers to train to work at height safely from our state-of-the-art IPAF training centres in Wakefield and Warrington.

Clean MEWPS for a clean environment

Our small, clean scissor lifts are a very popular choice for SAICs and SEIRS installers. We have a fleet dedicated for use in hygienic indoor environments such as the food or pharmaceutical industries.

Key features of racking installation MEWPs

Key features of our recommended MEWPs for SAICs and SEIRS installers include:

> Two-person platforms
Our two-person platforms are particularly popular for pallet racking installation as they allow two SAIC operators or SEIRS installers to work side-by-side on the same platform, for example, with one person holding and supplying parts and tools to a colleague for fitting beams and uprights. This arrangement helps to minimise the risk of items being dropped from the basket and reduces the temptation for an operator to over-balance on the platform.

> Non-marking tyres: Standard MEWP tyres need to be robust enough to operate on any terrain and are made of hard-wearing material that can withstand the demands of the toughest outdoor environments; the down side is black marks and potential damage to indoor floors. That’s why indoor-only models feature non-marking tyres for use in clean environments such as warehouse and storage units, helping to reduce the cost of cleaning and repairing smooth or freshly-laid floor surfaces.

> Direct drive models with long battery life: Our environmentally-friendly direct drive models are a flexibile and cost-effective option for racking installation clients. The JLG ES and RS scissor lifts feature an in-built electric motor which is used only when needed, rather than running constantly – offering two-to-three times longer battery life than standard machines and enabling longer shifts to be worked.

> Power direct to the platform basket: As racking installation requires the use of power tools at height, our range of MEWPs with an inbuilt extension lead within the operator’s work basket are a great choice. These models are both neater and safer, helping to reduce trip hazards and minimise the need for trailing leads which could otherwise become trapped under the MEWP itself or on nearby objects, potentially de-stabilising the platform.

Quick and easy MEWP hire

Our fleet of compact scissor lifts will allow you to reach working heights of up to 12m (32ft in old money) safely and install all manner of racking systems safely and quickly. Call us today to discuss the best MEWP for your job.