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Distribution Service MEWPs – enabling safe work at height in your warehouse

By Rory Duggan, Sales Director

If you operate in the warehousing and distribution industry, you’ll need to work at height on a daily basis; it’s an intrinsic part of what you do. Mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs) enable factory workers to work at height safely and efficiently, allowing both storage and distribution tasks to be carried out. The experts at Horizon Platforms have a wealth of experience providing quality MEWPs and specialist work-at-height equipment to factories, warehousing and distribution companies. Whether you own your own warehouse or lease a building, you need to store and distribute your goods quickly and easily; our hire experts understand that. They are familiar with the fast-paced working environment inside a warehouse and know you need to run a seamless operation to enable you to meet your clients’ expectations and respond to their changing requirements.

Scaffold towers, ladders and forklifts trucks are suitable for certain factory jobs, but they do have their limitations. A warehousing and distribution service MEWP allows employees to work both safely and more efficiently at height as they are so versatile. Because distribution service MEWPs are mobile rather than stationary platforms, they can be easily manoeuvred around the factory floor to perform a broad range of jobs.

Key warehouse operations that can be carried out using a distribution service MEWP include:

• Goods in
• Stocktakes
• Quality assurance
• Picking and packing
• Fulfilment
• Despatch/distribution
• Cleaning and maintenance

There are few places our distribution service MEWPs can’t reach

Distribution service MEWPs are extremely versatile and can help with tasks at a range of heights, from low to high level access up to 22m. Many of the smaller platforms on the market are ideal for indoor work in the narrow aisles of a warehouse. Most of the smaller machines are electric or bi-energy and are clean, quiet and reliable. There are also a range of larger, diesel-powered platforms such as boom lifts which are better suited to outdoor jobs and can be used on rougher terrain.

Training to stay safe

A work at height platform is only as safe as the person operating it, so training to use your platform correctly is essential.
Our IPAF training courses were developed with leading industry professionals to make sure that you and your employees get the best training for safe at-height access. You can book a course at either of our IPAF training centres in Wakefield and Warrington, or if you prefer, we can come to you.

All our training courses conform to the international ISO quality mark and satisfy standards required by many Health and Safety legislation and Work at Height regulations. Call the team to find out more about distribution service MEWP training from the experts.