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Why choose a distribution service MEWP?

By Rory Duggan, Sales Director

Our extensive fleet of distribution service MEWPs make light work of many warehousing and distribution services. If you’re working indoors in a tight space, completing a stocktake or selecting products for distribution, we’ve got the right equipment to meet your needs. The vast majority come with non-marking tyres, ideal for indoor use.

Electric scissor lifts

Our choice of narrow electric scissor lifts are perfect for manoeuvring in narrow aisles. They are quick and easy to use, enabling stock pickers to fulfil orders quickly, ready for distribution. Some come with generous extendable decks; other can be driven at full height; most are compact enough to be driven through doorways.

Personnel lifts

Personnel lifts are another popular ‘straight up’ option for a broad range of low level warehouse jobs. Available as push around or self-propelled models, they are a versatile and compact option suited to work in narrow aisles and can fit through a single doorway and a standard passenger lift. They can be used by a single operator or two people can work together safely and efficiently. The self-propelled platforms are a better choice if you need to move along an aisle as they can be repositioned whilst elevated.

Boom lifts

For those harder-to-reach places, a boom lift – also known as a cherry picker – is a good choice which will enable you to work at height both safely and comfortably. Cherry pickers are advanced warehouse distribution MEWPs as they can extend horizontally as well as vertically, allowing the operator to work over and around obstacles and in tight, awkward spaces. They are an excellent option for cleaning and maintenance tasks both inside and outside warehouses and factories and are flexible enough to help with everyday work at height tasks. Choose from bi-fuel and battery-operated models. If you’re using your machine indoors on finished surfaces, it’s wise to opt for non-marking tyres.

Specialist food warehousing and distribution MEWPs for cold environments

If you store and distribute chilled goods, MEWPs still provide a safe and efficient means of working at height but it’s important to be aware of their limitations – and the precautions you can take to maintain productivity. Platforms can easily be tailored for use in non-standard environments such as cold stores where synthetic oil and gel batteries are recommended for operation below -20°C temperatures. For full details on how to operate a food warehousing and distribution MEWP safely in cold environments, visit  http://blog.horizonplatforms.co.uk/ipaf-training-safely-operate-mewps-in-cold-conditions/#more-1447

Ask our experts

If you already know the height you need to reach and any other considerations, you can use our online Platform Advisor to find the ideal machine. If not, talk to our hire experts. They’ll ask you a series of quick and easy questions and your answers will give them all the information they need to recommend the best warehouse industry MEWP for your job.