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Do You Know These Health and Safety Signs?

For all industries, ensuring health and safety standards are met is extremely important. How different health and safety rules are implemented and what measures need to be implemented will vary depending on the industry you work in.

All employees should be subject to proper health and safety training within their workplaces, this includes knowing the correct signage to be used in your workplace. In the UK it is legally required for employers to provide safety signage if there is a hazard or risk which cannot be avoided or controlled by other means.

With a triple crown of ISO accreditations, Safe Contractor and the hard to achieve IPAF Rental+, Horizon Platforms is proud of our attention to detail when it comes to safety and service. We wanted to test your knowledge and see how many of the below health and safety signs you can correctly identify. Take a look below and see below for the correct answers:

1. What Does This Sign Warn of?

2. What Does This Sign Warn of?

3. What Does This Sign Warn of?

4. What Does This Sign Warn of?

5. What Does This Sign Warn of?

6. What Does This Sign Warn of?

7. What Does This Sign Warn of?

8. What Does This Sign Warn of?

9. What Does This Sign Warn of?

What You Need to Know About Health and Safety Signage

Malcolm Briggs, Marketing Manager at Horizon Platforms shares the following advice:
“Not only is it important to provide the right safety signage to warn of any hazards or danger but signage should also be used to inform employees of personal protective equipment which may be mandatory in certain workspaces or work environments. You should ensure that the correct signs are displayed in places your staff can easily see them and health and safety training should be conducted regularly, this should be mandatory for new starters to ensure they know what each sign means so they can follow the required processes and procedures of a safe working environment.”

Want to know how you scored? Take a look at the answers below:

The Answers:

  1. Danger of death – high voltage
  2. Danger of slips
  3. Hazard caution
  4. Poisonous chemicals warning
  5. Danger of people at work on nearby roads
  6. No unauthorised entry permitted
  7. Head protection must be worn
  8. Danger – risk of falling
  9. MEWP crush hazard
  10. MEWP electrocution hazard

Need powered access training for you or your team to ensure safe work operations? We can help! At Horizon Platforms we offer a wide range of training courses in MEWP safety, head to our page for further information.