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Famous Music and Movie Moments Made Possible by Scissor Lifts and Cherry Pickers

When we immerse ourselves in the magic of live music or cinema, it’s easy to forget the behind-the-scenes work that brings our most memorable moments to life. One crucial contributor in the world of these creative industries is the humble cherry picker or scissor lift, playing an unassuming yet pivotal role in crafting some of the most iconic music and movie moments in history. 

As a provider of high-quality access equipment for an array of media productions, Horizon Platforms understands the importance of reliable machinery in creating unforgettable cinematic experiences. We can’t have filming run behind schedule because a platform didn’t turn up on set or the director had to shout cut because of a faulty access platform.  Time is money after all! 

In this blog, we look back on some of the most iconic entertainment industry moments made possible with help from powered access platforms. 

Secret Invasion: Halifax, Piece Hall Explosion Scene (2023)

Disney+ released the Marvel mini-series, “Secret Invasion”, which quickly captivated audiences worldwide with its thrilling narrative and stellar performances from big-name stars such as Samuel L Jackson and Emilia Clarke. One of the most talked-about moments comes from an iconic explosion scene filmed at the historic Piece Hall in Halifax. Featuring birds eye shots captured using a cherry picker to perfect those sky-high angles, this grand location adds a layer of intrigue and grandeur to the storyline as the characters navigate through a pivotal moment in the invasion plot. 

Kanye West’s Glastonbury Headline Performance (2015) 

Kanye West’s unforgettable performance at Glastonbury in 2015 became legendary, not just for its musical prowess but for its theatrical spectacle. One standout moment was during his rendition of “Touch the Sky,” where West took his showmanship to new heights – quite literally. Utilising a cherry picker, he ascended into the air, suspended high above the audience, creating a breathtaking visual spectacle that perfectly complemented the soaring energy of the song. This daring stunt encapsulated West’s larger-than-life persona and solidified his status as one of the most innovative and boundary-pushing artists in the industry.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZBEXKPB_Yf8

Pippa Middleton’s Christmas Carol Light Switch-On, Knightsbridge (2013)

In 2013, Sloane Street in Knightsbridge witnessed a memorable display of holiday cheer as Pippa Middleton joined in the tradition of putting up the Peter Jones Christmas lights ahead of the Christmas carolling light-switch-on tradition.  Adding an element of excitement and adventure, Middleton climbed aboard a truck mounted cherry picker, elevating herself above the bustling street below to assist in adorning the thoroughfare with festive decorations. With her characteristic poise and enthusiasm, she skillfully manoeuvred the cherry picker, contributing to the intricate process of lighting up the street for the holiday season. 

Backstreet Boys Performance at Wembley Stadium (1998) 

The Backstreet Boys’ “Back” tour stop at Wembley Arena in 1998 marked an iconic occasion in pop music history. Dressed in sleek, futuristic space suits, the group made a dramatic entrance via cherry picker, instantly captivating the audience with their innovative style and flair as they opened the show.  The combination of cutting-edge fashion, futuristic aesthetics, and impeccable choreography solidified the Backstreet Boys’ reputation as trailblazers in the realm of pop music at this time.

Prioritising MEWP Safety On Film Sets

As we look back on pioneering cinematic moments in movie and music history, it’s important to recognise the strenuous safety checks that must be carried out during dangerous stunt scenes as well as during routine filming. 

When hiring MEWPs (Mobile Elevated Work Platforms) on film sets, understanding the health and safety rules of working from heights is paramount. 

Each on-set production must undergo the legal risk assessment checklist, as stated by HSE, to ensure the environment is safe for filming to be carried out. This includes:

  • Taking  the time to systematically look at your activities
  • Deciding what hazards they present
  • Assessing the risk of people being exposed to these hazards
  • Finding ways to either eliminate or control them

At Horizon Platforms, we pride ourselves on providing reliable access platforms to ensure all productions can be carried out safely and efficiently. 

We understand that each production or event is unique. Therefore, the access equipment required for filming can vary from one set or show to another. If you’re unsure of what MEWP is best suited for the job at hand, use our handy platform finder tool to guide you. Alternatively, contact Horizon’s team who can join you on set or on location to help select the most appropriate access equipment for the specific environment. 

Enhancing Efficiency in Film & Stage Production with MEWPs

Film and live concert audiences want moments to be as theatrical or dramatic as possible. Therefore,  shooting scenes and building stage sets needs to be versatile but efficient and cost-effective at the same time. Powered access platforms, such as cherry pickers and scissor lifts are the unsung heroes to facilitate versatile memorable moments. From achieving unique camera angles to ensuring the safety of actors, artists and crew, these pieces of equipment contribute significantly to the efficiency of film and live music production.

Why Reliable Equipment Matters: Managing Budgets

In the dynamic world of music, TV and filmmaking, where time is money and every minute spent is an investment, working with reliable access equipment is paramount. Dependable kit helps to ensure production stays on schedule, mitigating unforeseen challenges and contributing to a smoother workflow en route to the wrap party. 

Partnering with a trusted supplier can save both time and money, allowing filmmakers and events companies to manage their budgets effectively, knowing they have the support of equipment that delivers consistent performance. 

But in the unlikely event machine failures do happen, companies need a supplier who will own it and deal with it over the phone in minutes or be on location quickly; in hours rather than days!  At Horizon, that is what we guarantee. 

Our Commitment to Excellence Across the Entertainment Industry

As a leading access equipment provider for TV, music and film production, we take great pride in supplying high-quality  MEWPs. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond equipment, encompassing comprehensive customer experience support and breakdown services to help ensure productions run seamlessly from start to finish.

At Horizon Platforms, we have a whole host of accreditations and certifications that underpin the quality and efficiency of our services so that you can buy or hire your MEWPs with full confidence. Each powered access platform undergoes an extensive pre-delivery safety inspection, before every delivery, to ensure they’re working in perfect condition for your peace of mind.

Explore Our Range of Access Platforms for TV & Stage Production

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