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Introducing Altogether Better Powered Access

Since 2008, Horizon has been on a mission to drive improvements in the powered access market. Improvements to the customer experience, improvements to quality of service, and improvements in standards and accountability. The needs of customers have evolved, but Horizon’s focus on customer centricity has seen the company grow significantly.

‘Altogether Better’ is a concept that Horizon developed to help define our vision of the business we are today. The key themes behind it will be very familiar to our customers. They’ll see it in the skill and dedication of our co-owner team, and their focus on customer success. They’ll feel it in the quality service and care provided by our network of cherry-picked partners.

This vision has guided the development of the business. Chief Executive Ben Hirst said “The premise of ‘Altogether Better’ is about articulating our unique business model. A model built on providing a top-quality service backed up by the expertise of skilled and committed people and partners.”

A quote from Horizon's CEO

Delivering the Vision

So, how is Altogether Better brought to life?

Through Expertise

The people of Horizon have broad sector experience. We’re used to working with a variety of businesses across many different industries. The co-owner team use this expertise to provide a tailored service, improving outcomes and ensuring that our customers succeed. We have many examples of saving our customers time and money, and co-owners take great satisfaction in adding value through their experience and know-how.

Through Service

Providing the best possible service is central to the way Horizon conducts business. We have conducted in-depth research into customers and their pain points. This led directly us to making improvements in our approach to powered access provision. Nowhere is this better illustrated than in the Horizon Commitments. These are 8 promises that we make customers on the service they can expect. From speed of response, to support if the unexpected happens, the commitments cover virtually all aspects of the customer experience.

Through our People

As an employee-owned business, every member of our team is a co-owner. Our co-owners care deeply about what we do and are fiercely committed to your success. Customers often remark about our team and their dedication to going above and beyond.  This is reflected in our ‘Excellent’ Trustpilot reviews, with many stories and examples of co-owners delivering a fantastic service. Their high level of motivation is linked to their strong engagement. ‘Best Companies’ extensively surveyed our co-owner team in 2022. They went on to provide us with a 2-star rating for engagement, calling Horizon an ‘outstanding organisation’.

Through our Partners

Horizon lead a national network of powered access suppliers who share our exacting standards, values and dedication to customers. Our Partners put the same importance on service and quality, plus a commitment to quality that is proven through 3rd party auditing and accreditation.  With 64 depots and over 16,000 platforms, the Horizon partner network covers the length and breadth of the UK, with a sustainable model that sources locally to the job. No job is too complex or widespread.

Through Technology

The business leverages technology to support customers and bind our network together. Digitally enhanced systems and processes are streamlining efficiencies and improving the customer experience across the board. This is reflected in initiatives such as our recent digital transformation focused on providing a new platform for customers. With the ability to self-serve if they wish, customers can manage their own hire experience as much as they wish using new digital tools. This is a significant new development, reflective of Horizon’s commitment to Altogether Better.


Horizon Platforms is a company on the move. The concept of ‘Altogether Better’ is an organic one and will adapt to reflect a changing market and new demands of customers that emerge over time. Ben Hirst goes on to say “We’re setting a new benchmark in the UK powered access market, so that our customers can get the very best from it. Altogether Better and this vision of our business will continue to guide our strategy going forward.”

Another quote from Horizon's CEO

With the expertise and commitment of co-owners, and the skill and dedication of the Horizon Partner network, the business is well positioned to deliver value-driven improvements in powered access. This means delivering on our shared commitment to bring them the right equipment and the best advice, when and where they need it. Keeping their people safe and supporting them to get the job done.

Together, we are much more than the sum of our parts. We’re Altogether Better.