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Why A Reliable Mewp Provider Is Vital For Saving You Time And Money

Finding the right powered access platform provider can be a challenge, as there is a whole host of scissor lifts and cherry pickers to hire and buy. But working with a MEWP provider who understands your industry and is 100% committed to help you hit your goals makes all the difference.  At Horizon Platforms, we focus on consistency, safety and reliability to make your hiring process straightforward. 

With access to over 16,000 platforms nationwide through our own fleet and the Horizon-led partner network, we ensure you can carry out work safely at height and offer fast, reliable delivery, competitive rates and a collection of remarkable accreditations. 

When choosing a reliable MEWP provider, you will need to consider many factors to ensure you get a high-quality service and access platforms suitable for your job. In this blog post, Horizon Platforms shares why a reliable platform provider is vital for safe and efficient work-from-height projects and why Horizon Platforms is a trustworthy, industry-leading provider.

Why a Reliable MEWP Provider is Vital

Scissor lifts, cherry pickers and other powered access platforms are designed to ensure much safer working environments than other equipment, such as steps and ladders. They are stable and offer excellent manoeuvrability, allowing workers to navigate difficult environments above ground level. However, when hiring MEWPs, you will need to ensure you are hiring reliable machines in the correct working order and the MEWP provider safety focused. There are risks and challenges associated with access platforms, so you need assurances machines won’t let you down or present significant risks to operators or bystanders. 

Top working at height accidents include: 

  • Falls from height
  • Unstable, dangerous environments
  • Falling debris

When operating a MEWP, you will want to choose the correct access platform for your project to limit any risk of accidents occurring, and one of the best ways to do this is by assessing your working environment and carrying out a risk assessment. Here at Horizon Platforms, we take your safety seriously and can guarantee that we supply you with safe-to-use, high-quality, powered access platforms. Use our handy platform finder tool to find your ideal access platform, or call us today, and our expert team will be happy to help you. 

How to Choose a Reliable Access Platform Provider 

For many reasons, Horizon Platforms are considered an industry-leading powered access platform provider. From an extensive fleet of MEWPs nationwide to an array of accreditations, a reliable customer service team and an excellent Trustpilot score, you can rely on Horizon Platforms to find a suitable access platform for your project. 

When choosing a reliable provider, you should consider the following:

  • Impressive accreditations and certifications 
  • Their extensive fleet of access platforms
  • Professionally inspected, repaired and maintained MEWPs
  • Consider the true cost of hire, not just the hire rate
  • Fast, reliable customer service 

Why are Horizon Platforms a Reliable, Industry-Leading Provider?

With an outstanding reputation within the industry, Horizon Platforms has established itself as one of the country’s most trustworthy and reliable access platform hire companies. We have an exceptional understanding of a whole host of industries and a range of specialised indoor-powered access platforms suitable for a range of projects.

Benefits of hiring a MEWP with Horizon Platforms include: 

  1. Trusted Network of Access Platform Partners 

From our super-depot in West Yorkshire or via the UK-wide Horizon-led partner network, each sharing our drive for excellence, safety, and compliance and regularly benchmarked for quality, we reach every corner of the country, guaranteeing high service standards and platform quality. We only ever supply high-quality machines from reliable manufacturers, such as Genie and JLG. So whether you want to hire a cherry picker, scissor lift or boom lift, you can rely on us to find the right platform for your project. 

  1. Consistent And Reliable Access Platform Hire

Here at Horizon Platforms, we pride ourselves on fast, efficient delivery, with 98% of all deliveries arriving on time. When hiring from an unreliable provider, you may experience high volumes of project downtime and delays and, as a result, may ensure additional costs. We are committed to ensuring you get your MEWP without any disruption, meaning you can complete your job on time, resulting in minimum downtime and no unnecessary losses for your clients.

  1. Professional Inspections, Repair And Maintenance

Offering industry-leading customer service and one-point contact for your entire powered access platform servicing, maintenance and repair needs, we will ensure your cherry pickers and scissor lifts always arrive on-site safe and fully operational, as well as meeting all health and safety legislation. For short-term hires, we have fast & responsive repair service in the unlikely event of issues. We also offer access platform maintenance packages to cover your entire MEWP servicing, maintenance and repair needs, making sure your MEWPs are always fully operational and safe to use. 

  1. Excellent Accreditations And Certifications

We’re proud of our triple crown of ISO standards (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001), FORS Bronze, Safe Contractor certification and the highest accreditation in the Powered Access Industry: IPAF Rental+ Gold. We strive for industry excellence and aim to have the best accreditations and certifications within the industry, providing the highest guarantee that you’ll receive excellent standards of service when you work with us.  
For more information on how to choose a reliable access platform provider, you can find out everything you need to know in our blog.