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The Cost of Failed Access Platform Hire

Being able to hire powered access platforms is crucial for many businesses across a wide range of industries, providing safe and efficient work-at-height solutions for fittings, maintenance and more.

However, there are certain expectations when it comes to hiring powered access platforms and when those expectations aren’t met, it can impact projects with huge knock-on effects. Faulty machinery, extended delivery times and other issues can all play a part in negatively affecting a project and causing costs to stack up.

This is why it’s extremely important to choose a reliable powered access platform provider, like Horizon Platforms, and avoid incurring any extensive costs due to failed platform hire.

What Is Access Platform Hire?

When looking for equipment to complete work at height, many businesses look to access platforms as they can provide a safe and efficient way of working. There are various different types of platforms to choose from, such as scissor lifts, personnel lifts and cherry pickers, which give customers plenty of opportunities to find a platform that meets their requirements.

However, buying access platforms isn’t always the best option for every customer, especially if they have no space on-site to store the machinery. It’s also possible that the business requires multiple access platforms, each with different specifications, which would make hiring a more suitable option as it provides greater flexibility. 

By hiring access platforms from a reliable provider, the business is able to benefit from a wide selection of machinery, hiring them on a project-by-project basis. Once the project is complete, the access platforms can be returned to the provider on time, incurring no extra costs.

The Risks Of Hiring From An Unreliable Provider

Whilst there are many benefits to hiring access platforms, it’s extremely important to choose a reliable powered access provider, otherwise, the issues can overshadow the positives. Here are just a few risks you take when choosing an unreliable provider.

Faulty machinery

It’s possible that if the machinery hasn’t been properly checked before delivery or it’s been poorly maintained, you may experience faults whilst using the equipment. This could be due to batteries failing, mechanisms breaking or even complete loss of functionality. It’s important that your provider checks that the machinery you’re looking to hire is in full working order. Horizon Platforms avoids this by carrying out pre-delivery inspections before every MEWP arrives on site, and if any issues arise, which are rare with Horizon, we can ensure an engineer is on-site in 3 hours or less.

Late deliveries & pickup

When starting a project which requires access platforms, it’s important that you receive your equipment on time so that you’re able to begin work according to your schedule. An unreliable provider will not be able to do this, instead leaving you waiting around as poor time management on their end impacts your schedule and your budget. Similarly, once the project is complete, it’s crucial that the access platforms are picked up on time so they’re not causing a hazard on-site and don’t cost you money to store. Horizon Platforms is able to offer same and next-day delivery, ensuring you receive your equipment when you expect it. 

Missing equipment

It’s key that each access platform comes with all of the required equipment to ensure you’re able to properly carry out your work. Without crucial pieces of equipment, the machinery could become unsafe to use and leave you waiting around whilst the additional equipment is sourced. At Horizon Platforms, we can provide our customers with safety harnesses and lanyards which are crucial for safe working at height and will also ensure all equipment is checked and maintained to the highest of qualities.  

No replacements or support

Breakdowns and faults can happen, even when you’ve chosen a reliable provider. However, it’s important that your provider takes responsibility and offers support that helps minimise downtime. When issues happen, you need a provider that’s available 24/7 and can provide a solution quickly and efficiently, not one which leaves you without working equipment for days or even weeks. At Horizon Platforms, in the rare occasion that your MEWP needs replacing, our customers can use HireHub which acts as a central hub for all of your hiring needs, so you can request any support you may need. We’re also available on the phone 24/7, so you’ll always be able to speak to us if an issue arises.

Why It’s Important To Hire From A Reliable Provider

At Horizon Platforms, we consider ourselves an extremely reliable provider and do everything we can to ensure that we meet all of the expectations of our customers to retain this status. We believe it’s extremely important to choose a reliable provider to ensure that not only are you able to complete your projects efficiently, but also so that you have a smooth and enjoyable experience whilst doing so.

A reliable provider will make access platform hire easy, providing you with the exact equipment you need in full working order and on time. 

Another huge factor when choosing a reliable provider is that you’re able to eliminate the cost of failed access platform hire. When access platforms fail or experience issues, this can incur huge costs on your end as delays ensue and an additional budget has to be allocated to your project.

Case Study: Avoid Downtime and £000s in Unnecessary Costs

Poor access platform supply can be expensive for customers both financially and non-financially. Here is one example where one of Horizon’s customers was experiencing platform supply problems with a previous supplier.

The Problem

The customer, who works with several of the largest supermarkets and retail brands in the UK was regularly experiencing delays, downtime and breakdowns, resulting £000s in unnecessary extra costs. Even though the customer was getting ‘cheaper hire rates’, in the long run they were spending more in unnecessary and avoidable costs as a result of bad powered access supply. Also relationships with their customers were strained which made winning repeat business and renewing contracts harder.

The Solution

After taking the simple step of trialling Horizon Platforms’ service the customer significantly reduced their platform hire related issues and saved £000s. Read this case study and learn how choosing the right powered access supplier can save you time and £000s.

Choosing Horizon Platforms

We are confident that when you trial our service you won’t be disappointed and you will find you will save time and money in the long run Resulting in fewer headaches for you! Your boss will be over the moon too! So why not contact Horizon Platforms to start your journey with stress free powered access hire.